How to pin Text and Image to Clipboard History in Windows 10

How to pin text and image to Clipboard history in Windows 10

If you use often Clipboard history in Windows 10, you need to know an essential feature that makes it even better. It is possible to pin text and image to the Clipboard history so you can find something quickly when it contains multiple amounts of text or images. You can use this function with or without Sync on device option activated.

When you cut or copy the text or image on your computer, it is saved temporarily so that you can use it one or more times. Sometimes you may need to copy multiple sets of text or images in order to use them more. It’s here that Clipboard history plays a vital role.

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, you should be familiar with using Clipboard history to copy multiple texts or images to the Clipboard and use them whenever necessary. However, it may sometimes be necessary to find specific text or image quickly and frequently. At such a time, you can pin this text or image so that it appears at the top.

Pin text and image to clipboard history

To pin text or an image to the Clipboard history in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Copy any text or image to your computer.
  2. hurry Win + V to save it to the cloud clipboard.
  3. Click on the icon at three points of the corresponding text or image.
  4. Select the Pin in the list.

Before you begin, you need to make sure that the Clipboard history feature is enabled on your computer. Otherwise, you can open Windows settings, go to System> Clipboard and switch the Clipboard history button. Alternatively, you can follow our detailed guide to enable Clipboard history in Windows 10.

If you already have the text or image in the cloud clipboard, there is no need to follow this step. Otherwise, you need to paste the text or image you want to pin. As usual, you can press Win + V to paste text or an image into it. Next, you need to choose a text or image you want to pin and click on the three-dot icon, respectively. Here you can find an option called Pin that you have to click.

That’s it. Now that the text or image is pinned, you can always find it at the top, no matter how many texts or images you save. If you need to undo pinning of text or image pinned in the clipboard history panel, you can click on the same three-dot icon and select Detach option.

For your information, the pinned texts or images are not deleted if you use Erase everything functionality.

That’s all!

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How to pin text and image to clipboard history in Windows 10

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