How to recover saved passwords from synced devices in Google Chrome

You can recover deleted passwords from a browser in several ways, in case of accidental deletion. The one that works the most in the case of the Chrome browser has been described below. So let's see how you can recover saved passwords from synced devices in the Google Chrome browser without using free software.

Recover saved passwords from Chrome

recover deleted passwords from the Chrome browser

Before you begin, make sure Chrome is installed on at least one other device, such as a tablet or smartphone. In addition, it is important that the device has not been used immediately after the reduction (password deletion). Then you can recover the deleted passwords

  1. Enable synchronization option
  2. Resetting synchronization
  3. Enable synchronization.

I guess we all use at least one Google account to use the services and products offered by Google. For example, if you use the same Google Account to sign in to different devices, you're ready to go and you can recover your deleted passwords.

1) Enable synchronization option

Go to the other device where Chrome is installed and click 'Menu'(Visible by 3 points) and choose'settings"

recover deleted passwords

Then go to the "People" section and see if the "SynchronizationThe option is enabled. He should show a message saying Synchronize to … ..with a green circle next to it.

2) Reset synchronization

When seen, choose 'Sync and Google services"And under his"SyncSection, locateChrome Sync Data'Option.

Tap the option to go to a new tab.

How to recover saved passwords from synced devices in Google Chrome

Scroll down to findReset synchronization& #39; button. Push the button. Once finished, your data will be erased from the server and your passphrase will be deleted. This will not delete the data from your devices.

For example, to recover the deleted passwords, simply switch to the device where you accidentally deleted the passwords and log back in to Chrome.

3) Enable synchronization

Now, just go to the 'Settings' screen, and click'Enable synchronizationButton, adjacent to your profile picture.

After a few seconds, check the password management screen. You should find all the deleted passwords at the end of the synchronization process.

I hope it helps!

POINT: You can recover Chrome browser passwords with ChromePass.

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