5 of the best Netflix alternatives you need to try out

There is no doubt that Netflix is ​​among the most popular options for anyone who likes to enjoy the latest online shows and its reach and quality of content is one of the best. People love watching their favorite shows on Netflix. There is a wide range of shows available ranging from animation, documentaries, classics and, most importantly, Netflix originals.

The reach and popularity of Netflix is ​​unprecedented. But it all comes at a price, and many can’t afford it, so they’re looking for a replacement who can offer their favorite shows, movies, documentaries, animations, and web series for free or at a much lower cost.

Best Netflix Alternatives

Below we will list the top 5 alternatives to Netflix where you can enjoy world class online streaming of many of your favorite shows and movies – and the best part is that some of them are completely free!

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Disney +
  3. Vudu
  4. Sony Crackle
  5. Hulu.

1]Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is an on-demand subscription service from Amazon and is the best and best alternative available for Netflix. Amazon Prime offers a wide variety of TV shows, web series, movies, animations, and documentaries. The best part is that they add many new movies every month to keep their subscribers engaged and provide world class content.

Amazon Prime Video offers some of the best Hollywood blockbuster movies and shows produced by the best production companies, as Amazon owns the rights to the films of some of the renowned production companies. For their subscribers who enjoy watching the sport, they offer live broadcasting of sports such as the NFL, ATP and the Premier League for which they hold digital rights. Subscribers have the option to choose from different categories based on gender and languages. There is a lot of regional content available with Amazon Prime Originals.

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2]Disney +

Install the Disney + app on Windows 10

Disney + is another good replacement, one of Netflix’s main rivals and known for offering some of the best online entertainment. This is a relatively new subscription video on demand, known for broadcasting some of the best Hollywood web series, movies, TV shows, originals, and documentaries. The quality of content that Disney + offers on a par with Netflix. Ok, it doesn’t have as much content as Disney, but it does have some of the most wanted movies and TV shows to keep subscribers entertained.

Subscribers can enjoy the iconic series like Star War and Marvel Movies. Disney + offers a wide range of films from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Pixar, Marvel, 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios and National Geographic.


Another popular Netflix alternative is Vudu which offers a good amount and high quality of content on the same type of platform. The best thing about Vudu is that it offers a lot of free movies and TV shows, while Netflix charges most of the content that you watch on it.

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Subscribers can choose from different categories like action, thrillers, comedy, suspense, crime, action, animation and family content. You can watch movies in full 1080p HD on Vudu. There is a huge amount of movies available for free to watch, it also offers the possibility of movie rentals. All you need is a user account if you want to enjoy movies on Vudu. You can sign up for free and then enjoy a wide range of free movies available on Vudu as well as the best TV shows and web series.

4]Sony Crackle

Available in around 20 countries, Crackle is a free online streaming service offered by Sony. It allows you to broadcast TV shows and movies online. You can enjoy films produced by major production companies with which Sony had an agreement. You can enjoy movies from renowned production houses like 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, Funimation, Walt Disney, Paramount, WB and Village Roadshow to name a few. The video quality is first rate and the content is of high quality. You do not need any subscription to broadcast the films because Sony allows you to broadcast the films for free, they broadcast pre-roll and mid-roll announcements to meet their needs.


Hulu is another premium subscription streaming platform. It is a mix of free and paid content from high quality TV shows and movies. Hulu offers more than 150 movies and TV shows. Hulu was mainly known for hosting TV shows and movies. Hulu started his live TV series in 2017 and has never looked back. You can choose between a low-cost subscription with ads or a high-price subscription that lets you enjoy streaming without any ads. Hulu is one of the most popular alternatives to Netflix that offers HD streaming of online programs.

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Let us know if we missed your favorite.

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