How to Set up Windows Hello on Windows 10 and Why You Should Use It

How to Set up Windows Hello on Windows 10 and Why You Should Use It
Unlocking and connecting to your PC can be tedious, especially if you have so much connection information to remember. With biometric technology, you can forget your password to connect more easily and securely to your computer. That's why you need Windows Hello on Windows 10 and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access.

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Windows Hello is one of the most convenient and useful features of the free upgrade offer from Microsoft to Windows 10. With this tool, you can connect to your computer just by looking at it.

What is Windows Hello?

Windows Hello is the Microsoft login method that uses biometrics to provide you with access. It uses technologies such as facial recognition, fingerprinting or scanning iris instead of a password.

It only works with specific Windows 10 applications. You can login to your account without a password. However, you will need a compatible computer and additional accessories like a fingerprint reader or webcam for that.

Windows Hello only works with specific Windows 10 applications

There are other connection options in addition to the Windows Hello Face / Fingerprint / PIN options in Windows 10. You can use passwords, security keys, PINs, and passwords that are are available on the connection options page.

Others are such settings that you need to log in after being away from your computer, dynamic lock and privacy settings that hide your information on the login screen.

How to configure Windows Hello in Windows 10

It is easy to install Windows Hello on your computer and we will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Click Start and select Settings> Account.

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2nd step: Click Login Options to choose the Windows Hello method that you want to configure. Depending on the compatibility of your device, you may or may not see the connection options.

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Step 3: Click Configure.

You can also search for the native Windows Hello by clicking Start, typing Windows Hello, clicking Login Options, and launching the Settings 10 application.

If your computer uses an older version of Windows, look for the Configure button under Windows Hello.

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Note: In the most recent Windows 10 updates, as of May 2019, you will be able to choose an option or icon for Windows Hello Face from the list. If you see "Configure" and click on it, that's all you have to do. Otherwise, the plugin a Windows Hello compatible webcam or an external fingerprint reader to start.

SStep 4: You will receive a prompt about Windows Hello and what it does. Click Start and verify your identity using your current password. It can include a PIN that you have assigned during the device startup process or the password for your Microsoft account.

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Step 5: Enter your PIN, then place your face in the center of the frame and directly examine your webcam for Windows Hello to properly analyze the features of your face.

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Note: You can improve the way Windows Hello recognizes your face by clicking Enhance Recognition, but this option is optional and useful if you are wearing piercings or wearing glasses.

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How to configure Windows Hello Fingerprint

To set up the Windows Hello Fingerprint Reader, you can use a built-in player. If it is not available, plug an external fingerprint reader into a USB port on your computer and let Windows 10 install its drivers.

Step 1: Click Start> Settings> Accounts> Connection Options. Go to Windows Hello and click Configure in the Fingerprints section.

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2nd step: Check your identity using a password or PIN.

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Step 3: You will see an explanation of how Windows Hello works, after which you can click Start.

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Step 4: Slide your fingers on the Fingerprint Reader for Windows to receive your fingerprint data. The new devices allow you to tap your fingers about six times on the sensor. However, if you have an older computer, put your fingers on the reader and you are ready.

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Note: Windows Hello may fail in rare cases. In this case, he will try to scan your face again, while offering suggestions on how to position it. If the problem persists, you must enter the security PIN that you chose during setup and close the lock screen.

How to remove Windows Hello

Windows Hello is not good news because it only works on some hardware. For facial recognition, this means getting a webcam with infrared capability.

This feature also turns on your computer's processor when paired with iris or face recognition. The camera constantly searches for the user, accumulates system resources, sends the fans to high speed and quickly drains the battery.

Windows Hello is not good news because it only works on some hardware.

Although these defects are important, they are not always annoying; you can conquer them. It also offers the added benefit of instant gratification, as you will not want to go back to the slow, clunky and unsafe password system.

If you no longer need Windows Hello, you can delete it and any associated biometric identification data from your computer.

Click Start> Settings> Accounts> Connection Options to choose the method you want to delete, and then click Remove.

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Why use Windows Hello?

The obvious benefit of using Windows Hello is that you do not have to enter a password to log in. You can also connect to a specific site, such as the Microsoft account page and storage services such as Dropbox and OneDrive, or password managers such as OneLocker.

It will also help secure your computer, applications and files. Even if your Windows password is compromised, it is extremely difficult (requires special effort) to find a workaround for your biometrics.

Do not fight to keep passwords in memory

Using facial recognition as a password is not new. However, in the past, many attempts to use have been made, but the details have never been fixed because of clunky hardware and / or unreliable software.

Scanning technology continues to improve, with new cameras combining a traditional camera with depth sensors and built-in infrared projectors to properly identify a fake face of the real.

You no longer have to struggle to remember passwords of multiple characters each time you log on to your PC.

Then: Are you worried that someone will introduce it into your iPhone or Android smartphone? We have compiled a list of the top 5 two-factor authentication applications for Android and iPhone.

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