How to setup OneDrive on Windows 10 the easy way

How to setup OneDrive on Windows 10 the easy way

onedrive for Windows 10 is a great cloud storage tool designed to easily back up all your files and documents. It is also very easy for users to access their files in the cloud without having to open a web browser. Yes, they are not unique features, but they work very well, probably much better than other important cloud services we have tested in the past. And it is not on our part that we are supporters of Microsoft, but simply the truth.

Now, if you're interested in OneDrive, but do not know how to set it up, keep reading all the information you'll need. It should be noted that OneDrive is preinstalled on Windows 10 and that the OneDrive application is also available on the Microsoft Store. We will not discuss the application for now, but rather the more powerful default tool.

How to configure OneDrive on Windows 10

The installation of OneDrive is very easy, and we will specify it later:

  1. Add an account and select the OneDrive folder
  2. Choose the location of the OneDrive folder

Let us go into that with more details.

1) Add an account and select the OneDrive folder

OK, the first step is to open OneDrive and add your account. To do this, type your email address in the available box, and then press the Enter key or the Connect button.

The next step is to enter your password and click the Enter key.

If you're like me, your account will probably work in two steps.

Follow the wizard to access a special code, add it, and click Check.

2) Choose the location of the OneDrive folder

Now it's time to select the location of the OneDrive folder or stick to the default section.

We chose to use the default, but if this does not suit your situation, click Change Location, choose the folder of your choice, and then click Next.

The user should now see the option to select the folders that he wants to synchronize on the local PC and the cloud.

People may also choose to sync all files, but this may not be the best option if your account contains multiple large files and your data is limited.

Things should take some time to go after clicking Next. But when it's done, just click Open One My Drive folder to see all your files.

Meanwhile, the files on OneDrive need to be downloaded to your Windows 10 PC, while the computer files are uploaded to the cloud.

Lily: How to configure OneDrive Personal Vault.

That's it!

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