Dungeons & Zombies: An Amazingly Addictive Puzzle Game

Dungeons & Zombies game review
Thousands of games are available on the Google Play Store. However, not all games are worth your time. If you are a puzzle-solving enthusiast, we have come up with a game that you must try. Dungeons & Zombies is a free puzzle game that will make you hooked in no time. Relaxing games of reflection and entertaining and stimulating games of thought are available. Dungeons & Zombies is part of this last category and creates an incredible dependency.

Dungeons & Zombies, unlike some other games in its class, is not only challenging, but also entertaining. The game is free for the most part and is supported by ads in the game. Fortunately, the ads in the game are not intrusive and you would not be interrupted during the game.

Developed by Maniac Player Entertainment, this new puzzle game would make you want to play more. Here is everything the game offers and what you need to know about Dungeons & Zombies. While this game is testing your brain, games like Touches are testing your reflexes and memory.

Gameplay and Controls

First of all, it should be mentioned that the game Dungeons & Zombies works perfectly, even on smartphones. There are no complicated setup menus to navigate and you do not need to create an account to start playing. It would be automatically linked to your Google Account. You can start playing in seconds after launch.

Subtle but spooky background music adds a bit of character to the game. From the start you can choose from 36 levels. We suggest starting with the Starter Kit levels to understand the basics of the game.

The controls are also extremely easy to understand because you can control the movements of your character by simply sliding to the left, right, up and down to move the character, respectively. Dungeons & Zombies revolves around sweeping actions and of course lots of concentration.

To win a level, you will need to move your character from the current position to the stairs. It may seem easy, but it certainly is not the case. You must avoid getting caught by the zombie and you must go as far as possible down the stairs to get a perfect score of 3 stars.

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The first levels may seem like a breeze if you have already tried sliding puzzle games. However, as you progress and climb the levels, you will struggle to find the most effective way to get through the stadium without being engulfed by the Zombie.

Dungeons & Zombies Game Features

Dungeon & Zombies Features

Dungeons & Zombies presents some useful features that deserve to be known. You can disable background music and other sounds separately. Icons for switching between background music and game sound are easily accessible. They are located at the top left of the screen. Tapping the buttons turns off or on the sound or music of the game.

Another extremely useful feature to check is the possibility of seeing the solution in one step. This would help you finish a step with which you might have problems. You have 5 free solutions, however, use them only when absolutely necessary.

If you manage to clear all levels or if you want another user to play the game from scratch, you can use the button Reset the game. This is available in the game setup menu located at the top right of the screen. Scroll through the settings page and you will see the Reset the game option.

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Unlockable features

Dungeons & Zombies Paying Features

We mentioned that Dungeon & Zombies has 36 levels to play from the start. However, you can unlock the remaining levels of the Starter Kit and Extended Pack by simply collecting 25 stars in each package. This means that you can play a total of 60 levels for free.

However, we have the feeling that you would like to try more levels in the game. You can unlock the game. Adventure Pack and the Extreme pack. These new packs would bring 30 new levels, each giving you access to a total of 120 levels to keep you spirited.

If you miss 5 free solutions, you can choose to watch an advertisement to get the solution of a level. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of time watching ads, you have the option to pay to unlock 5 additional solutions. You could even be devious and use the solutions to get ahead of your friends. Although finishing a level without the solutions would give you a great satisfaction.

You can also visit the game Store from where you can choose to remove the ads in the game and to buy 5 solutions. There's also an option to remove all ads, unlock all level plans, and even unlock all the solutions for each level of the game.

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