How to stream music from computer to Sonos speakers

play computer audio through sonos

Have a His bone speakerphone, according to many, is one of the best ways to listen to music from the comfort of your own home. And rightly so, because Sonos is considered one of the best companies to design speakers for consumers.

They are highly rated, which makes us think; What if we could connect our Windows 10 computer to a Sonos device and play crazy songs. Unfortunately, these devices do not support listening to music from a computer, what can we do to resolve this issue?

How to Play Computer Sound from Sonos Speakers

From what we’ve gathered, there aren’t a lot of good options for streaming audio from your computer to Sonos speakers. However, we came across an application called Broadcast what you hear (SWYH). Keep in mind that if you have a Mac or mobile device, it will not work for these platforms as it is exclusive to Windows at the time of writing.

Before going ahead, it should be noted that the sound is transferred from the computer to Sonos via SWYH tends to be delayed, therefore you should only use it to listen to music streaming rather only audio film. In addition, the application has still not received an update for the past few years, so although it works in the same way as expected, a day will come when it will not.

  1. Download what you hear
  2. Play your music

Let us discuss this topic in more detail.

1]Download what you hear

The first thing you will want to do is download SWYH from the official site. After that, install it on your Windows 10 computer, and launch it immediately. Downloading and installing will not take long because the program is small and does not come with a solid graphical user interface.

2]Play your music

OK, so it’s time to stream all of your music to your speakers now that Stream What You Hear is running on your computer. Now the tool is located in the system tray after opening, so find it, right click on it and go to Tools> Live HTTP Broadcast.

Copy the URL to your screen, then open the official Sonos app. From the application, go Manage> Add radio stationand paste the URL. Make sure you give the link a name, and then tap OK when you’re done.

To use the new radio, go to Radio> My radio stations via the Sonos mobile app. However, we urge you to make sure your computer is already playing audio before launching the station, otherwise the stream will fail.

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play audio from a computer via sonos

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