How to turn off Spotlight search on iPhone lock screen

Spotlight search on the lock screen

Spotlight search has also been improved in iOS 15! Rich results with information about contacts, actors, musicians and more are now available, along with system-wide availability! However, you may be looking for a way to turn off Spotlight search on the lock screen, in order to maintain an increased level of privacy on your iPhone.

How to turn off Spotlight search on the lock screen

With Spotlight enabled on all apps and screens, by default, anyone with the ability to use your iPhone will be able to access this powerful search tool even if the device is locked. To disable this permission, follow these steps:
how to turn off Spotlight search on lock screen

  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Press on Facial identity and access code.
  • 3.Provide your Access code.
  • 4. Scroll down to View and search today, available in Allow access when locked and turn it off!
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Made: You can test the new setup by locking your iPhone. Swipe down on the screen and the search option should no longer be triggered.

Important: This setting will also block access to the Today’s view when the iPhone is locked. This is the screen that you can access by swiping right on the lock screen. It includes selected widgets and Spotlight search at the top!

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Advice: Of course, you can undo this change at any time from the same Settings menu!

How do you use your iPhone? Do you enable Spotlight search on the lock screen or would you prefer to disable it? Use the comments section to share your comments.

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