How to Use Android Device as a WiFi Repeater

android wifi repeater

A WiFi repeater or extension is used to amplify an existing WiFi signal and to transmit the amplified signal as output. By doing so, you can easily expand the coverage area of ​​your WiFi network. We usually need WiFi Repeater for this purpose, but if you have an Android smartphone, you can use a WiFi repeater application to turn it into a WiFi repeater. NetShare is one of the best WiFi repeater apps for Android that does not require a root and works perfectly.

Suppose you register at a hotel and ask for WiFi login credentials. When sending your mobile number, they will give you a login and password. The major disadvantage is that you can use their WiFi services only on one device that you have registered with them. What happens if you have multiple Android devices and want to use the internet on both? The only workaround seems to interrupt their Wi-Fi service, turn on your data pack and share your Internet connection with the other device via the portable point-of-access feature. But what if you could continue using your WiFi on your first device while letting your second Android device enjoy it? Well, it's actually possible. In this guide, we will learn how to use your phone as an Android WiFi repeater for other devices.

Use Android as WiFi Extender

By default, Android devices do not provide the functionality of a WiFi repeater. This means that you can not create two connections simultaneously. It is obvious that if your WiFi network is activated and you then create a hotspot connection, the WiFi network will be automatically disconnected. It's there that the NetShare no root sharing application is very practical. This is one of the best WiFi Repeater apps for Android. This will allow your Android device to play the role of a Wi-Fi hotspot, even if the device is itself connected to a WiFi network. As the name suggests, the application does not require rooted device. So, if you're pretty impressed with this hack, take a look at the 7 Android hacks that do not require root.

In a nutshell, here is how the application works. He will create a new working group and subsequently a Virtual Private Network on the device connected to the internet. After entering the proxy settings, the other device will join the workgroup of the first device. In this way, the application lets all Internet traffic from the second device pass through the first. To try it, follow the instructions below for your Android device to act as a WiFi repeater.

Configure the NetShare application

  1. Download and install the NetShare no root sharing application on your Android device. Make sure to install it on the device that will act as a Wi-Fi repeater.
  2. Now check the box next to Start the WiFi access point.
    start Android repeater
  3. Head to the second Android device that requires an Internet connection.
  4. Also install the same application on this device.
  5. Then press the CONNECT option present in the upper right corner of the app, on your second Android device.
    connect a second device
  6. In this case, open your first device and switch to WPS switch.
  7. On your second device, you will get a VPN connection request for dialogue. Press on D & #39; agreement to grant permission.
    vpn request
  8. That's it. You can now use the Internet on your second device by routing traffic through your first device.

So it's about making your Android device work as a WiFi repeater using a WiFi repeater application. If you have problems configuring, let us know in the comments.

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