How to use Facebook Payments to send and receive money

How to use Facebook Payments to send and receive money

The mobile payment system is more and more accepted by the masses. So in order to better optimize its reach to people, Facebook has launched a service for sending and receiving digital payments, called Facebook payments. What makes Facebook payments so special and how to use them? We will take a look.

An essential feature of Facebook Payments is that there is no cost of using the service. It offers protection based on a PIN code and advanced security. Plus, it saves you from having to share bank details with people while conducting transactions. You can use Facebook payments for:

  • Send money to a friend.
  • Buy games and make upgrades in the app.
  • Donate to a charity or personal fundraiser.
  • Buy and sell items on the market and in groups.
  • Buy advanced tickets for an event.

How to use Facebook payments

The service is accessible via the Facebook Messenger application. He uses a bank debit card. In addition, you can also use a credit card or a Facebook gift card to finance payments.

To begin, go to 'Settings»And select«payments'As shown in the picture above.

Then go to & #39;Account settings& #39; and under & #39;Payment methods& #39; Section, click & #39;Add a credit or debit card& #39; link.

Fill in the required information andto saveThe changes made.

Once done, an icon will be added to the chat that you can easily access to send payments and receive payments from anyone who will owe you money.

Select the amount, add a message, and click "Request& #39; or & #39;Pay'To complete your transaction. However, it is important to note that, just like bank transactions and deposits, payments can take up to three business days to be approved.

In addition, you can also include a personal identification number for added security. If you choose to set a PIN, make sure it's a unique number and hard to guess. Mobile users can also enable Touch ID.

That's it!

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