How to use JioMeet video conferencing app – Features and Drawbacks

JioMeet Features and Drawbacks

The Indian platform Reliance Jio launched a new activity which had multiplied the folds in recent months – videoconferencing. The service has been requested for online courses, virtual meetings and so on. The zoom, for now, still leads the audience, and it’s not surprising that Reliance has also moved into space with JioMeet. What is surprising is that the JioMeet user interface has a striking resemblance to the user interface of the Zoom application.

JioMeet features and disadvantages

“A smarter way to collaborate.

  • Sign up securely with a mobile number or email id
  • All meetings are encrypted and password protected.
  • Unlimited free high definition calls (720p) to users
  • Schedule a meeting in advance and share the details with guests
  • Each meeting can last up to 24 hours without interruption.
  • Unlimited meetings per day
  • Active speaker view layout
  • It supports up to 100 participants during a call.
  • Password protection on each call
  • Connection to multiple devices supporting up to 5 devices
  • Share screens and collaborate
  • Record meeting
  • Apparently switch from one device to another
  • Offers a safe driving module for participants on the go.
  • Supports the waiting room function to manually allow people to join the meeting
  • Control the microphone of all participants or individual host controls – Where you can individually control the microphone, camera, rename, create a host, request to start a video, or delete active participants during the call.
  • Manual audio mode provides a call-like experience without video.

Disadvantages of JioMeet compared to the Zoom.

Since the JioMeet user interface seems to be almost identical to Zoom, a comparison is natural!

There are a few areas where JioMeet has yet to work. It may come over time, but for now, they are limited.

  • Share: You can only share your full screen with JioMeet. While Zoom offers to share a whiteboard, bookmark, WbeURL, document, and integration with services like OneDrive, Google DSrivber, and Box, JioMeet shares the whole screen, which means you’ll have to worry about everything. is personal.
  • Groups: Zoom calls it Canal and JioMeet calls it Groups. The advantage is to instantly start a meeting with everyone in the group. For now, integration with other applications is not there, which might be required by the Business section.
  • User-defined password: JioMeet does not allow anyone to configure a password for their meeting. Once you have created a meeting, a password is generated and can be shared.
  • Chat: There is no way to send a private message to the host which is common in all chat applications like Zoom
  • Missing CoHost: There are several reasons why this function is used in Zoom. This helps to transfer control of the meeting from one to the other, one of the hosts had to leave.
  • No virtual background: Unlike Microsoft Teams and Zoom, there is no option to blur the video background or add a virtual background. This is an essential feature for many who want to not only make meetings look professional, but also ensure confidentiality.

Apart from that there is no separate panel for the projector and separate for all videos, Raise hand option, during screen sharing, when you close the second screen meeting ends. Finally, data consumption in Jio seems to be higher according to user comments. It could probably be lowered by changing the resolution.

JioMeeting settings

How to use the JioMeet video conferencing application

  1. Download and install the JioMeet app
  2. Register with a mobile number or an email identifier
  3. Once the account is confirmed, visit the dashboard
  4. Here you have the option of creating a new meeting, scheduling a meeting, joining a meeting or sharing the screen with an existing meeting.

How to use JioMeet?

Create a meeting

Click New Meeting, and it will instantly create a new meeting with a preset username and password. You can then choose to share it with others.

Schedule a meeting

This brings a lot of configuration where you can choose the time, date and time zone. You can also choose to enable videos for hos attendees and block guest users. Advanced options provide a waiting room, join before the host and record the meeting.

Join a meeting

If you have a meeting ID and password, use this option to instantly join an existing meeting. You can choose to keep the video and microphone off when you join the meeting.


It is almost available everywhere. It is a good preparation that I will give. The application is available via the Chrome and Firefox browser, applications for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. It also offers an Outlook plugin. For the moment, I don’t see any plan for JIo Premium, built, I suppose that it will be available soon. You can visit to begin.

While JioMeet is here to stay, what is unfortunately surprising is that an organization like JIO is creating a replica of the Zoom. It is as if the application had been “inspired” by Zoom! I’m sure it will bring back the bulk of India with a large Jio user base.

JioMeet features and disadvantages

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