How to View Instagram DMs on PC and Chrome

How to View Instagram DMs on PC and Chrome
Instagram does not need an introduction. This ultra-cool photo sharing has gradually become one of the most popular social media platforms, all thanks to new state-of-the-art features. And the good news is that many of these features are also available on the Web version, with the exception of only one, the Instagram DMs.

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Yes, you can see Instagram stories of your friends, or even search and follow a hashtag. You can even publish images from the web version. However, you can not check or send a message. And if you're an avid Instagrammer like me (who has to watch a desktop for most of the day), it can be disappointing.

Fortunately, not everything is lost yet. There are many workarounds in the form of Chrome apps and extensions that can help you view and respond to Instagram DMs from the comfort of your PC. Yes, you read that right, no need to open the Instagram app on your smartphones.

Warning: We are not responsible for any problems that occur after the installation of these applications and extensions. So be careful and at your own risk.

Method 1: How to display DM Instagram on PC

Viewing Instagram messages on a PC is not devious, there are many applications and tools that make it possible. In our case, the tool that came to our rescue was IG: dm well, the name says it all.

IG: dm not only displays all your Instagram messages, but also allows you to reply to incoming messages, such as on Facebook Messenger.

All you have to do is download and install the application. Once done, log in with your username and password, and that is it.

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Once the verification is complete, you will see all the messages on the left and the message pane on the right. Just click on one of them and start chatting.

Although IG: dm allows you to chat with your subscribers, it does not have all the features of Instagram such as GIF, Like, and the option to send voice messages.

For the moment, you can only exchange images and emoticons, except standard text. In addition, type a "like" message twice, as for the phone function.

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Apart from the above, IG: dm comes with many features. If not, you can search for messages and accounts using the Search box, or switch the size of the DM window.

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However, a lot of these features are for business users. When upgrading, you can log in to multiple accounts, use the Slack-style emoji search, or quote chat messages directly.

Overall, IG: dm is a handy tool to use on your PC. It's simple to use and the fact that it directly replicates the Instagram interface is the icing on the cake.

However, note that this tool can sometimes be a bit slow to respond. In addition, you can not see the message request with this tool.

Method 2: How to View Instagram DM on Chrome

On Google Chrome, it's much easier to view messages. And the best thing to do is that you do not need any other configuration. A simple extension does the business.

The advantage of these extensions over dedicated applications and tools is that they act as emulators. And thanks to this, you get the same experience as the DM section on your phone but on a bigger screen.

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The extension I found most useful was the aptly named Direct Message for Instagram. As we mentioned above, it reproduces almost the appearance of the Instagram application.

Once you have added the extension to Chrome, no separate connection is needed. If you are logged into your profile, the extension retrieves the login information from your browser. Once done, click on the small DM icon on your browser and bam! Hello, Instagram.

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All you have to do is click on the DM icon and you are ready to start chatting. Apart from that, you can send hearts, pictures as well as emojis. In addition, you may also like old messages.

Unfortunately, the option of sending GIFs and stickers is absent. In addition, you can also block or create a report and create an account from the small window, or create a group discussion.

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Unlike IG: dm, you can also see message requests. In addition, the direct message for Instagram also allows you to allow or deny the request.

What I loved about the Direct Message for Instagram extension, is that it's simple and crisp. There are no ads and you do not need to install third party tools to send emojis.

Just click on the icon when you have to check your DMs and click outside the window when you have finished your work. Yes, it's as simple as that.

Are there alternatives?

Of course, these two tools are not the only two tools available on the market to display Instagram DMs. There are also other tools, such as Web for Instagram Plus DM.

Its operation is almost similar to the one above. However, there are some ads in between. In addition, you will need a third-party plug-in to send emojis. On the bright side, you can see the number of new subscribers or messages by simply hovering over the icon of your status bar.

Chat like a boss!

This is how you can view the Instagram DMs in the comfort of your PC and your browser. Which method will you choose? The standalone application or the clever extension of Chrome?

Tell us what you think of both methods in the comment section below.

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