How to View Wishlists in Audible on Any Device

How to View Wishlists in Audible on Any Device

Audible is one of the popular audio book platforms. For such a popular application, the Audible interface is surprisingly confusing and basic. When I installed and launched it to check the service, I found that it was missing some important features, especially for iOS users. This is why so many users, just like me, cannot find or view wish lists on the Audible app.

Display wish lists on Audible

The wish list is a nice feature that you’ll also find on Amazon’s ecommerce site. This is a useful feature that can help you create a buffer of books that you may want to read in the future. Let’s understand where Audible wish lists are, how they work, and what else you can and can’t do with them.

Where’s my audible wish list

Android users should open the Audible app and tap the three-dot menu icon on the left to select the Store button.

Display wish lists on Audible 1

Display wish lists on Audible 2

This will reveal other options, and the wish list is one of them. Tap it to display the wish list.

Display wish lists on Audible 3

Display wish lists on Audible 4

Audible wish lists are not available on iOS and there are no dedicated desktop apps. Many users have complained but still no luck. Maybe in a future update. I don’t like the iOS app at all. I signed in using the same Amazon ID as on Android, and for some reason Audible treats it as a brand new identifier, asking me to subscribe. I don’t subscribe twice.

One solution is to use a browser to log in and find the book you want to listen to. Not the best solution but still works.

Display wish lists on Audible 5

Display wish lists on Audible 6

Speaking of browsers, you can easily access the wish list at the very top in the header area. Easy to find and accessible.

Display wish lists on Audible 7

How to share an audible wish list

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You cannot share an Audible wish list. There is no way to even share a book I love directly with someone other than sending the name to them. He will then have to search for the book manually. It would have been much easier if I could recommend a book or maybe just share a link to the same from the app itself. It’s on my wish list, not on Amazon. Additionally, you cannot link your Audible account to Goodreads to share updates on your listening activities and to review and recommend books to friends.

How to Sort the Audible Wish List

Any book you add to the wishlist is added by date. So the book that was added last will appear at the top of the list. You can view the date the book was added just before the Price column in the browser.

Display wish lists on Audible 13

Click the Date Added text button to sort the books added first or last. There is no other way to sort them like notes, release date or any other way.

Mobile apps don’t even have this option, which just means you can’t sort books in the iOS or Android app.

Your wishes are orders

Audible’s wish list feature is a mess. It works better on Android while the iOS version leaves much to be desired. Even the Android version could make some improvements like the ability to share, create multiple lists, etc. But there is little we can do except ask Amazon and Audible to improve this feature and wait. Until then, settle for what you have or use an alternative like Scribd.


Not satisfied with Audible’s iOS app? Click the link below to learn how to listen to audiobooks on Apple devices.

Last updated on June 24, 2020

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