Improve Battery Life when watching Movies and Videos on Windows 10

Improve Battery Life when watching Movies & Videos on PC

If you still find that the battery life of your Windows 10 device lasts less than expected, optimize Windows 10 to improve its life, especially when watching videos and movies on its power supply.

Improve battery life when watching movies and videos

Let's take a look at these four methods that will help you optimize and improve the battery life of your computer while watching movies and videos:

  1. Reduce the brightness of the screen
  2. Enable the battery saver
  3. Optimize battery life through power options
  4. Improve battery life through settings.

1) Improve battery life by reducing the brightness of the screen

You can easily increase the battery life while watching movies, videos or any other work by reducing screen brightness. This does not mean that you need to reduce the brightness to a minimum, but make sure your screen is not set to the maximum brightness. You can use the shortcut keys on the keyboard or navigate to Settings> System> Display to fine tune the brightness of the screen.

2) Turn on the battery saver

The built-in battery saving feature helps you extend the battery life of Windows 10 while watching movies and videos by limiting background activities and push notifications.

By default, the Battery Saver feature of Windows 10 is enabled when the battery level drops to 20%. You can temporarily activate the battery saver while watching movies to improve battery life.

3) Improve battery life through the settings

This setting will affect all PC users using the same power plan. Open the settings and click System.

Click on Drums on the left side. Scroll to the right side and click Change the battery settings to play a video.

On the Video playback In the settings window that opens, scroll down to the right for Battery options section and select either Optimize for battery life or Optimize for video quality in the When watching movies and videos on drums drop down menu.

You can now exit the settings.

4) Optimize battery life through power options

Right click Power icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar, click Power Options, Click on Edit plan settings link to the right to open the advanced power settings for your current diet plan chosen.

Click on the + sign for Multimedia settings l & #39; collapse. Click + sign for Video playback quality bias l & #39; collapse. Now settled On the battery to what you want, and click D & #39; agreement.

When optimized for the battery, Windows 10 plays HDR movies as SDR videos. Otherwise, it will read them as HDR videos but will drain your battery faster.

I hope you will have more autonomy watching movies and videos on Windows 10.

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