Instagram Archive Feature explained in detail

instagram archive feature

So you come across one of your Instagram posts of yesteryear, which is unfortunately not true today. Perhaps the context in which you published it is no longer applicable, or you want to delete some of your past memories from your profile. In these cases, it makes sense to delete it from your timeline. Instagram offers two different methods for doing this. The first is the usual delete option. Apart from that, you also have an archiving function. Not only with your Instagram posts, but this archiving feature also works in all of your stories. In this guide, we will see in detail this functionality and how it differs from the Delete option. So let’s start with the guide. On that note, also discover 5 new Instagram tips and lesser-known features.

Instagram archiving function

The archive and delete functionality both hides your posts on Instagram. The difference is that the old option gives you the option to bring this message back however you want. But once you have deleted a message, it has been permanently deleted from your profile. So basically, the archive function hides said message from your timeline from everyone.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they are your subscribers (in the case of public accounts). Well, even you can’t see these archived messages from your profile. All these messages are moved by the photo sharing platform to the Archive section. And this section is accessible or viewable only by the owner of his associated account. That said, let’s see now how you can archive / unarchive messages from the application itself. In addition, Instagram has made it easier to manage the accounts you follow. See our guide for more information.

How to archive / unarchive Instagram posts and stories

Archiving any post on Instagram is pretty easy. Just go to this post, tap on the overflow icon and select Archive. However, with the stories, you have nothing to do. It stays on your timeline for 24 hours, after which Instagram automatically archives this story for you. Don’t worry, these archive stories are not public to anyone. Only you can view and react to them once they have been moved to the Archives section of Instagram.

On the other hand, unarchiving any message is also quite easy. Simply go to this post in the Archives section on Instagram, tap the overflow icon and select Show on profile.

unarchive post instagram

Even changes to the tagline, location or deletion of your replies are entirely possible, while the messages are still archived. However, if you don’t want Instagram to automatically archive your stories, go to Archive section, tap the overflow icon and select Settings. Now just deactivate Save to archive option. The app will no longer automatically record any of your stories.

hidden story

How to view archived articles and stories

story article

To view one of your archived messages, go to your profile. Then press the hamburger menu located at the top right and select Archive. Then select Posts or Stories archive from the menu, as required. All articles you have archived so far will now be visible with the timeline. So, in short, the archiving function hides your publications from public view and makes them visible only to their rightful owner. However, if you continue with the Delete feature, it will permanently delete your post from Instagram. There is no way to get it back.

What happens to interactions on archiving / unarchiving an article

As soon as you archive an article, all comments and others will be kept. Well, even legends and hashtags will be saved. You can view these interactions at any time in the Archives section of Instagram. Likewise, when you unarchive an article, it will occupy the same location as where it was originally placed. In other words, it will be organized based on the date it was published, not when it was archived or unarchived. In addition, all comments, likes and captions will be there as before.


So it was just Instagram’s archiving function. As you may have noticed, it has many advantages over the Delete option. However, from a privacy perspective, deletion is a better option. This is because everyone is familiar with this archive section and if you give someone your phone, he or she could easily see these archived stories / publications. But if it has been removed, you are in much safer territory.

What is your opinion on that? Out of the delete and archive functionality, which one do you typically use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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