Can not find script file run.vbs error at logon in Windows 10

Can not find script file run.vbs error at logon in Windows 10

In today’s post we will try to resolve the issue regarding the error message Unable to find script file C: WINDOWS run.vbs when logging on to Windows 10. This Windows scripting host is displayed in an empty screen with a black background. This happens if malware has changed the Userinit registry value, replacing Windows default data with a VBScript file name.

userinit.exe is the file responsible for running logon scripts, restoring network connections, and then starting Explorer.exe, and is a safe file for your PC. Winlogon is an essential component of the Windows operating system series which manages the secure loading of a user profile at the time of connection.

Unable to find the script file run.vbs

You may experience a black screen when you try to connect to the computer because the malware is manipulating the Userinit registry value and modifying Windows default data with the file name Vbscript. Since this virus deletes or moves the .vbs file from the common System32 folder, users receive the error as stated above.

Usually, the malware causing the problem is spread via spam email attachments, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks or embezzlement – infecting computer users who tend to download music or movies illegally, clicking on suspicious online ads, or opening spam.

It should be noted that malware that leads to “Unable to find script file C: Windows run.vbs“Error can be scheduled to perform other malicious actions on your system, including the following:

There are two ways to fix the error “Cannot find script file C: Windows run.vbs” in Windows 10, namely:

1. Edit the Userinit registry value
2. Edit the registry value of the .vbs key

These two methods can help you correct run.vbs error correction and thus regain access to your user profile.

Before you begin, it is recommended that you run a full system virus scan with Windows Defender or any other reputable third-party audiovisual product.

Now to continue with the registry modification solution, you must first back up the registry or create a system restore point in case the procedure goes south.

Once you have performed one of the actions, you can now start as follows;

1]Change the Userinit registry value

After entering the login information, the system may crash Prepare to connect screen. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then click Task Manager (if Task Manager does not open due to DisableTaskMgr policy enabled by malware, you will need to modify the registry offline via Windows Recovery Environment).

When the above error message dialog is visible, close it and go to the Task Manager window. The file referenced in the Userinit registry value is executed before the user interface even loads. To start the Explorer shell, go to the Task Manager window, click on Fileand select Perform a new task. Type explorer.exe and press Enter.

Launch the Registry Editor.

Access the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionWinlogon

Double click on userinit article.

Edit the value data of

wscript C:WINDOWSrun.vbs

to the following:


Click on Okay.

Take special care when entering. You must delete the wscript part. And also include the ending comma (,) As shown above. Entering the wrong file name or path will prevent you from logging into a user account.

Log out and log back in.

Check if the run.vbs issue is resolved.

2]Change the registry value of the .vbs key

Launch the registry editor

Access the following registry key:


Double click fault value.

Set the value to VSBFile.

Click on OKAY.

Log out and log back in.

Check if the run.vbs issue is resolved.

That’s it, friends!

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