Instagram makes it easy to manage the accounts you follow

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You may be following a lot of Instagram accounts. However, you may not be interacting with all of them regularly. Keeping this in mind, the popular image sharing platform has added some useful features in this regard. Instagram takes a series of steps to make your next section clutter-free. Apart from that, it has also added some nifty features to sort the accounts you follow. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail. Also take a look at our guide to stand out from several Instagram posts at once.

Instagram brings new updates to the next tab

You can now easily get information about the accounts you interacted with the most. In the same vein, the application now also has a less interactive section. This, as the name suggests, shows you the list of all accounts with which you have hardly contacted in the past 90 days. Interactions include liking posts in this account, commenting on their stories, and more. Except that. there are also some other new additions to the next section of Instagram.

Have you ever wanted to know who was the first account you followed on Instagram? Well, look no further. The latest update to Instagram’s Next tab added a new sorting section. It currently contains three options: by default, date followed: the most recent and date followed: the oldest. Although the ability to sort it alphabetically is still missing, these two are still a welcome addition. In addition, you can also hide Instagram stories from subscribers and non-subscribers. See our guide for more information.

How to access this feature

Instagram new features

All of these updates are now available in the latest Instagram update, which you can now directly Download from Play Store. Once done, go to your profile and tap the next section of Instagram. In it, you will now see a Category tab. As already mentioned, it contains the Categories and sorts functionality. The first allows you to view the account with which you have interacted the most and the least. The latter has the possibility of displaying your following accounts according to the recency

So these were only new updates to the Next tab on Instagram. What do you think of this update and what other additions would you like to see in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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