Instagram Restrict vs Block: Which Privacy Option Should You Use

Instagram Restrict vs Block: Which Privacy Option Should You Use
Blocking people on Instagram that you know in real life can become quite embarrassing. For example, if you block your bullying classmate, things can become problematic. This is because the other person will know that you have blocked it. To avoid this, Instagram has launched the restriction function. Here we will tell you the difference between blocking and restriction features on Instagram.

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Even though Instagram has provided the blocking feature to cut people off your profile, it's not an easy decision to make. Usually, you break your head to finally press the blocking button. It is there that restricting can help you.

Do not be mistaken. Let's see how the restriction option differs from the block in terms of profile, messages and comments. We also explained how to restrict and block people on Instagram.

What's Restricting on Instagram

Considered an anti-bullying function, restricting the use of Instagram helps to avoid unwanted interactions without the other person being informed. Restrict is an attenuated version of block that offers block functionality in a limited way.

When you restrict a person, their interactions with comments and messages will be hidden from your profile. It's like keeping the restricted user in a bubble where he can see the outside world, but he can not interact with the outside world even if he thinks he can.

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What happened to my Instagram profile?

Block someone cache your feed and your stories of the blocked person. If the blocked person visits your profile, they will only see the numbers at the top, such as subscribers, subsequent subscribers, and the number of posts. They will not be able to see your past or future publications, even if you have a public profile. This is one of the ways to identify if you have been blocked.

On the other hand, when you restrict a person, nothing changes in terms of flow and stories. The restricted person can always see your stories and publications. The same is true of you. In other words, you can see their stories, their highlights and their flow.

Can the person comment on my messages?

When you block someone, he can not comment on your messages. However, when you limit one person, you can always comment on each other's messages. Now here is the big problem. The comment made by the person you have restricted will only be visible to her. Neither you nor anyone else will be able to see it.

When you block someone, he can not comment on your posts

Basically, with the restriction function, you allow the user to enjoy his or her right to comment but without disturbing or harming you. Your comments normally behave on their messages. Everyone will see them, including the restricted person.

What happens to comments?

You have to ask where are the comments of the restricted user? It is available in the comments section of the message but hidden under a protected message or what Instagram calls a sensitivity screen. You are not informed of such comments in the notification tab. You will need to open the post to see the comment.

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You can either leave the comment as it is (the comment will remain hidden for you and others) or take several actions. First of all, since the content of the comment is not yet visible to you, you can view it by pressing See Comment. By doing this, it becomes visible to you only and not to everyone.

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Second, you can delete it. If you do this and the other person consults the message again, they will notice that you have deleted the comment. You can also approve the comment. When you approve it, it becomes a normal comment that everyone can see. When you act on the comment, the restricted user is not informed. So do not worry, you are safe anyway.

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Can people send you a message

A blocked person can not send you a message and you can not send him a message without unlocking it. Things are different in the case of restricted mode. When you limit a person, she can always send you a message. However, their messages will arrive in the Requests folders. It is present in your inbox above the message list.

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This is not everything. Messages from restricted people arriving in the Requests folder, you will not be notified about them. You will need to check the Requests folder manually to keep a check of their messages in case you wish.

You have the privilege of seeing the message. In this way, the restricted person will not be informed by the text "Seen" in his inbox. That is, they will not know when you have read the messages. This is like the Skip mode of Facebook Messenger.

If you want to reply to such messages or send a new message to the restricted account, you must release (remove the restriction), as shown below.

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What happens to the status of activity?

When you limit someone, they will not be able to see your Active status on Instagram. The same goes for the block option.

Tags and Mentions

In both cases, the blocked or restricted person can tag you and mention you. In the case of blocking, you are not notified. The same is not true for restricted mode. This is to say that you will be notified when the restricted person will mention you. So, basically, restrict does not work with tags / mentions.

Do you get notifications when blocked or restricted

Block removes all kinds of interactions, so it's not about notifications. As you surely know, there are no two types of interactions: messages and comments. But you are notified of tags.

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Can the other person know that you have blocked or restricted them?

The major disadvantage of the blocking feature is that it is not private. A direct way to find out if someone has blocked you does not exist. However, many methods help you to confirm the same thing.

Fortunately, things are safe in terms of restriction. This is because the other person will never know if they have been restricted. Everything seems normal on their side. They can always comment, send messages and view your profile as any other user. It's on your side where things are different.

How to restrict someone on Instagram

There are three methods to restrict a person.

  • Directly comments
  • Through the settings
  • From their profile

Which one to use to avoid people

If you do not want the other person to see your articles or stories, or even to interact with you in any way, you have to block it. Use blocking when you can no longer stand the person, and you agree with it knowing that it has been blocked.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent someone from knowing it, restricting it is a good option. When you use Restrict, your messages and stories are always accessible to the person. Only comments and messages are affected. You can call restrict as a soft block.

Then: What's the difference between blocking and hiding on Instagram? Read the next post to learn the difference between them.

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