Instagram Vs Facebook: Which Is Best For Your Brand’s Strategy in 2021?

Instagram Vs Facebook: Which Is Best For Your Brand’s Strategy in 2022?

Instagram vs. Facebook? Both have their peculiarities and advantages. When planning your next business strategy, look for both. It would be better to go both, as you will be able to grab the attention of some potential customers. But in some aspects, one intersects with the other.

For example, if your brand is linked to a shopping site, Instagram would be better. Why? Because users focus on the images, not the detailed captions. In addition, the caption side is below the image and is not prominent. So many people often ignore it unless they are too curious about it.

On the contrary, if it is news and reports, educational and literary content, Facebook would be better. FB users tend to play subtitles because they have the same space as the picture or video.

But for either of them, you have to have subscribers. Especially if you’ve recently launched your brand, you won’t get much popularity. So if you want to buy them, Click here to visit They will provide you with genuine likes and followers which will help your business grow. If you have a high number of followers, more new visitors will trust you.

Your number of subscribers and your popularity is the strength of your business on social media platforms. When a new person tries to reach you, they’ll look for comments on your posts and customer reviews. Therefore, you cannot buy random likes and followers from anyone. You must have real, genuine followers.

So what would be the best choice for the brand’s business strategy, Facebook or Instagram?

Algorithmic analysis


Instagram and Facebook algorithms improve user experience. It analyzes your usage and liking and shows you the items you simply like. For example, if you want to try shopping and rarely look at different brands, you can often look at these posts. Additionally, the ads you see often will be associated with sites and types of purchases.

It is not a science and hence there are no set rules for looking for what a user likes and dislikes. For example, you have a festive event in a few weeks. You will often be looking at the shopping pages at this time. However, before and after, you won’t watch them too occasionally. Therefore, the algorithms are not always perfect but mainly concern the sympathy of the user.

So during plan your business strategy, you want to understand the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram. With the help of these scales, you will be able to make the perfect plan. This can make it easier for you to attract potential customers.


This algorithm is based on;

  1. He looks for engagement on posts, that is, through hearts and comments.
  2. Analysis of the relevance of genres to users.
  3. Accounts that the user comes in contact with often always appear at the top, i.e. relationships.
  4. Recent messages appear at the top.
  5. If users search for certain accounts, posts from that account will appear above.
  6. If a user directly shares the post of a certain page, the post will get a boost. Moreover, the user will often see similar articles and from this page too.
  7. The time a user has spent on each post also determines their interest.



Facebook is older than Instagram and has a slightly different setting. For example, you have friends and family and not just subscribers and the following list. So here’s how Facebook’s algorithms work;

  1. Messages from your fb friends will appear first. This is a drawback for brands.
  2. User engagement, which is how many people interact with this post by commenting.
  3. Posts that ask for suggestions and are likely to start a debate are ranked higher.
  4. Visual messages, i.e. images and videos, are categorized above written messages.
  5. Positions likely to be bait, that is to say that aim to increase their sales, are demoted.
  6. Messages that aim to get people to buy certain services or products are demoted, that is, promotional messages.

Marketing effectiveness and statistics


While talking about the market effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram can be assessed through their statistics.


When we talk about direct marketing, this is the most suitable choice for you. Especially if you want more engagement from subscribers, spread awareness and showcase your new products or services. Most Instagramers are teens under the age of 30. The statistics include:

  1. It has 1 billion active users on a monthly basis
  2. Daily active members are 500 million
  3. 68% of users visit it daily
  4. 37% of American internet users are on this platform
  5. 65% of planners say they use it


It is an old social media platform with a mixed user account. There are older people and also teenagers. In addition, it also allows you to use external links. Thus, you will be able to bring your subscribers to your shopping site. However, Instagram prohibits this sharing of external links. So, once we have discussed traffic generation, Facebook may be a better option.

  1. Monthly active users are 2.38 billion.
  2. 96% of users have access to it via their mobile phone.
  3. 40% of users watch videos on the platform
  4. 74% of marketing planners say they use this platform.
  5. 65 million (small-scale) businesses use it.

Thanks to statistical analysis, you will be able to better plan your marketing strategy. For example, if your brand is targeting services for teens and products for children, Instagram would be a good choice. However, if you have a mixed target group and your product or service is aimed at seniors as well, Facebook would be the most suitable choice.

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