Let us take a look at the Office App in Windows 10

Office App Windows 10

When using Microsoft Office, one of the biggest challenges is to view all recently viewed documents in one place. It can be any Word document you were working on or a presentation that you accessed via your email. On top of that, finding applications when you need them requires a little effort. Microsoft introduced the Office App in Windows 10 in February, and this is one of the most underutilized apps. I will talk about the features and their usefulness.

Office App in Windows 10

If you have Office installed, I am sure that all you would have done is to access the respective applications. What many of us have missed is the installation of Office 365 which has also added an Office application. Yes, this is called "Office". We will cover the following topics in this post:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Instant access to files
  3. Commercial characteristics
  4. Disadvantages.

The Office application works with any Office 365, Office 2020, Office 2020 and Office Online subscription.

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1) Dashboard with quick access to Office applications

Once you launch the application, you get a view of the dashboard. The upper part gives you a click access to Office applications and services, including Skydrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Calendar and People. All in one place.

If any of the applications is not listed, you can click "Explore All Your Applications" in the menu to view the full list.

In addition, at the top, you should see your profile picture. This is the Microsoft account connected to the Office application. You can click on it to access the links for the account settings.

2) Instantly access Office files that belong to you

Office recent pinned shared files

The dashboard gives you quick access to all Office documents who belong to you. Under the list of applications, you have access to Recent, pinned and shared. The whole oneThis organization makes it much easier to access files. The time you would have spent opening and searching different applications will be saved.

What about creating a new file? The top application line also includes the Start new button, who can create any file for which you have access to your subscription. Those who keep all the files in OneDrive can use the option of download and opening.

All Office App applications

If one of the applications is not installed on your computer, the software will open it in Web version on Office Online; otherwise, he will open it in the local facility.

3) Professional Features of Microsoft Office App Windows 10

Office is also popular among business users and IT administrators can choose to enable multiple features.

  • Brand organization
  • Access to third-party applications using AAD through the Office application
  • Microsoft Search so users can use a single search experience to find documents and people across the organization.

That said, there is a disadvantage. The app does not work as expected if you are having problems with the Internet. Your account information, recent, pinned, and shared files disappear in the absence of the Internet. It's annoying.

Office application under Windows 10

Office App in Windows 10 also offers tips, tricks and suggestions in many places. You can notice them on the dashboard when you click All apps, and so on.

If you are new to Office or want to try something new, I strongly suggest you try it.

Let us know if you like to use the Office application in Windows 10.

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