Open Inaccessible Files for Free

Open Inaccessible Files for Free

in OneNote format

I think OneNote isn’t as popular as some of the other apps in the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, in the event of a problem, there is not much chance of finding an appropriate solution, since there are few users and, respectively, also critics. As for the possible problems, everything is identical to that of the other applications: they can appear following crashes of the OneNote application itself or errors on the hard disk and the operating system. So if you’re faced with the fact that OneNote notes don’t open for any reason, here you have at least a few reasons to be optimistic. First, automatic backup is enabled by default in this program. Second, some programs allow you to open files with the extension * freely.A and *. A NOTE for viewing. For the future, I will say that among many different services, I liked OneNote Recovery Toolkit, mostly.

How Auto Backup Works

Initially, you need to remember that the problem is much easier to prevent than coping with the consequences and trying to minimize the damage later when something has already happened. Therefore, take a few minutes now and open the Microsoft OneNote settings: File – Options – Save and save, you can see the current backup settings there, which can be done without your participation and can help you in the future. In this window, you can change the backup period and make a daily backup, for example. Well, in this case, restoring everything is usually elementary. If Microsoft OneNote notes do not open for any reason when the program starts, go to the following menu: File – Details – Open backups, where you will see a list of folders. The folders already contain backups that you can restore right now. Select the one you need and click on the Open button. Remember that sometimes a file can overflow. I have seen criticism on the network that a crowded folder with automatic backups can also damage OneNote files. Also, sometimes consider clearing the cache. Copy files using Windows tools or you can easily delete them using the Task Scheduler.

Of course, you can turn off automatic backup and configure it in other ways, for example, using Windows tools. But what if there is no backup at all and recovery using this method is impossible?

Sync with other devices

The advantage of Microsoft OneNote is that the notes are available on different platforms. Availability involves synchronizing data with other devices, allowing you to re-create notes from the cloud if the local copy of the data is damaged or missing. Therefore, data recovery is easy, even if you had to reinstall Windows. You must do the following:

  1. Check here: File – Options – Save and save, the location of the local copy of the data
  2. Open the folder where the local copies are stored, the default path: C: Users AppData Local Microsoft OneNote
  3. Delete all local copies. OneNote may not open due to their damage
  4. Check your internet connection
  5. Press SHIFT + F9 to start synchronization

If everything went well, all the notes should be synchronized. In OneNote, you will see the same information as on the other device, for example, on an Android tablet. And otherwise? If, for example, there is no way to synchronize the data and a local copy of OneNote is all you have and the file does not open. Perhaps, there is no other possible device to synchronize the data. OneNote has always worked offline, and the computer was not connected to the Internet at all, and it’s not as incredible as it sounds. In such cases, I advise you to try Recovery toolkit for OneNote.

Third Party OneNote Data Recovery

You can view the cache of corrupt Microsoft OneNote files using OneNote Recovery Toolkit. This software is completely free, unless you have to save something in a OneNote document, i.e. create a new OneNote document that will open in the usual way. Have you just forgotten what exactly the data stored in OneNote? Then you need to give it a quick glance and make sure there is nothing urgent and calm down. This tool is exactly what you need. The demo version of OneNote Recovery Toolkit is distributed without any restrictions, it works on any computer and opens *. A NOTE and * .A records created in any version of the application. Even though the Microsoft OneNote app itself, in principle, works for both Android and iOS, in this case, recovery is only possible on a Windows computer. The program should be used when synchronization with the cloud, for whatever reason, is impossible, and corrupt OneNote files on the local computer are all you have with no other options. There is no problem if suddenly there is no Internet on the computer where you are going to use OneNote Recovery Toolkit. You can copy the installation file to a USB stick from another computer and transfer it. This program requires no connection.

You must do the following:

  1. Download OneNote Recovery Toolkit of
  2. Install the program on the computer and run it
  3. Select the damaged OneNote file to work
  4. Click on the Analyze button
  5. View recovery results
  6. Select a folder to save the recovered files
  7. Save the recovered data

You can only save the recovered data if OneNote Recovery Toolkit is saved. You can see without registration, but not save. Decide for yourself if you need it. You do not need to redownload anything. There are no new versions of the program. Just get a registered key for the program, enter it in OneNote Recovery Toolkit following the instructions, and that’s it. You can save the information and freely open the recovered files in OneNote.


The program works with any version of OneNote and on any computer with Windows, regardless of the version. OneNote Recovery Toolkit is created for the most difficult cases when synchronization with the server for any reason is impossible, and access to notes is required now. You may also need a previous version of the notes in OneNote format. In addition, you can only take it from an old damaged file that does not normally open in OneNote. I think this is the best solution in the absence of backup. But remember that even the most advanced recovery service cannot guarantee success. Too much depends on the state of the source file. So, in any case, it makes sense to first check the effectiveness of the demo version of OneNote Recovery Toolkit. And also, it is better to consider having a backup. How you do it will depend on your discretion. You can save essential documents separately or create an image of a hard drive and update it regularly. Remember that it is better to prevent the problem and not try to correct its consequences, which can be associated with direct losses. Take care of yourself and avoid such situations.

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