Remote Desktop Services causes High CPU in Windows 10 when using Magnifier app

If you notice high CPU usage by dwm.exe when using the Magnifier app over a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to a Windows 10 computer, this message is intended to help you. In this article, we will identify the potential cause of this problem and provide the solution that you can try to alleviate. Let’s […]

How to reset File Explorer Navigation Pane width to default in Windows 10

If you changed the width of the navigation pane in File Explorer on Windows 10 and now want to change it back to the default width, you can reset the width of the navigation pane of the default explorer to Registry Editor help. The File Explorer navigation pane displays quick access, this PC (including your […]

How to create email rules to prevent Ransomware in Microsoft 365 Business

Ransomware is one of the most painful versions of malware that lock files and even access a computer. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, you can configure rules that will ensure that you block certain ransomware files. Email is the operational source of Ransomware attacks where files are sent in the form of JavaScript, […]

How to Share Video With Sound on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet

The screen sharing process in remote meeting apps seems pretty straightforward. Tap the screen share button, then select the window you want to share. That’s all. What if you’re in a meeting and sharing a video but the attendees can’t hear anything? It can be painful. How do I share a video with audio on […]

Windows Security Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with its internal security app – Windows security with a set of default settings, which ensures that the computer is safe. However, it is essential that as a consumer, you are aware of these parameters and change if there is something missing. In this article, we will review all the Windows security […]

Ultimate List Of Online Learning Software For College Students

Students have a lot to do while still studying. Whether it’s still in high school or already in college, there are a lot of things a student needs to do if they want to succeed at the end of the term. With all technological advances, there are now more ways to make a student’s life […]

How to enable QR code generator in Microsoft Edge browser

There is a plethora of built-in features such as QR Code website sharing, collections and vertical tabs in the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser which provides an improved and better browsing experience for users. In this article, we will describe the steps to follow to activate the QR code generator in Edge on Windows 10. The […]

How to turn on Dark Mode in new Facebook design

Facebook has a new look, and it has recently been opened to many members of the popular social network. The difference from the standard design is quite large, therefore we think some users might find this somewhat confusing. When it comes to performing a multitude of tasks, it is very different with the new Facebook […]

How to Use Background Blur in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft responded to Slack’s growing popularity with the introduction of Microsoft teams in 2016. And the software giant continues to add new features to meet consumer demand. In addition, it has quickly adapted to a growing trend in video calling applications when many have to deal with messy backgrounds or inadequate lights during a call. […]

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