How to fix file upload problems in Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used cloud platforms on the web today and one of the best as well. The service comes with many cool features for commercial and corporate use, and we expect Google to continue to improve the service on a regular basis. Now, although it is in the foreground, […]

Top 6 Ways to Fix Fire TV Stick Not Showing Picture

Are you unable to watch content on your Fire TV Stick because the device does not display images or visuals when you launch your favorite streaming apps? I bet you would be as perplexed as many others who wonder what is going on. This is why I tried a few tricks and compiled the successful […]

Set Bing daily background as Android wallpaper using Bing Wallpapers app

You may have already noticed that the Bing search engine home screen has a nice picture in the background, and it changes every day. If you want set Bing’s daily background as wallpaper on your Android phone, you can use Bing Wallpapers app. Microsoft recently launched this app for Android phone users who want to […]

Windows Hello Facial Recognition setup not working in Windows 10

Using the built-in webcam on your Windows 10 laptop or tablet, Windows Hello uses facial recognition to get you in and out in less than two seconds. It also works with more than a dozen apps like DropBox, iHeartRadio and OneDrive, so you can skip typing a password. If, when you try to immediately cancel […]

How to Change Name, Profile and Team Picture in Microsoft Teams

Whenever you are part of a team as well as a channel, your name is visible when you use messaging applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and others. So by using a profile photo with your name on it, you will look professional and easily recognizable. By default, Microsoft Teams uses the initials of […]

Error Copying File or Folder, The requested resource is in use

If you receive Error copying file or folder, requested resource is in use, a message when copying files or folders from one disk to another, this message will help you. The error occurs when the files you are trying to copy are used by another application or occupied by another process. Windows generally locks files […]

What Happens When You Report Someone on WhatsApp

There are several ways to filter your conversations with people on WhatsApp. If someone continues to send a bunch of offensive, hateful, or obscene content that you’re not comfortable with, WhatsApp will allow you to block or report it. You can even do both. We have an explanatory guide on blocking people on WhatsApp and […]

How to use the new Network Sniffer Tool PktMon.exe in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers an integrated network sniffer tool – PktMon.exe – to monitor internal packet propagation and packet loss reports. This tool can help you snoop around. The network and helps you resolve the cause of network latency, identify impacted applications and, when used with an additional set of tools, can provide an overview of […]

How to work from home: Here are 10 Online jobs that you can do!

Many organizations are rapidly shifting to the culture of “working from home”. According to experts, the culture of working from home and connecting remotely will be widely accepted and adapted in the times to come. The difficult times posed by the coronavirus pandemic have affected businesses massively and affected almost all professions. Fortunately, many jobs […]

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