How to add a graphical sticker or emoji in OneNote for Windows 10

In addition to automatic corrections, adding stickers and emojis to chat messages makes communication quick and easy. If you use A note as the default note taking you can insert graphic stickers or emoji in OneNote to add accent or appeal. Insert graphic stickers or emoji in OneNote OneNote lets you create simple or complex […]

Make visual feedback for touch points darker and larger in Windows 10

When you touch the touch screen of your device, you get visual feedback that tells you that your touch has been recognized. You can deactivate this tactile feedback or make it darker and larger, if you wish, by following the steps described in this post. Make visual feedback for darker and larger contact points To […]

5 Best Drawing Apps for Android You Must Try

There are dozens of drawing apps available on the Play Store and not all of these apps are created equally. To help you choose the best drawing app based on your preferences, we have created a list of the 5 best drawing apps for Android. Some apps on the list are aimed at professionals while […]

5 Best Ways to Install and Uninstall PWAs in Chrome

I find Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to be an absolute explosion to work with. They load stuff quickly, feel incredibly responsive, and stay functional even when network connectivity is not the best – some PWAs also work completely offline. But what's best is that with Google Chrome, I can have them "installed" on my PC […]

You can’t connect to the file share because it’s not secure

Since SMBv1 has been disabled by default now in Windows 10, programs and apps that depend on it would run into problems. When trying to map the network share involving such an application, you may encounter the error: You cannot connect to the file share because it is not secure. This sharing requires the outdated […]

How to Boost Network Speed on Realme Devices

The Realme Color operating system has a few useful features but also brings a ton of bloatware. Excellent functionality gives users the ability to increase network speed using Wi-Fi and cellular data simultaneously. This allows you to download files faster when needed. And it can also help reduce latency during play or the buffer during […]

What Is Snatch Ransomware and How to Remove It

It seems that criminal software developers never sleep when defenses go up. They are always looking for different ways to perfect their attack weapons. One of the most recent techniques is a ransomware strain that can force a Windows device to restart in safe mode just before the encryption starts, in order to bypass endpoint […]

Using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI on Windows 10

the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics is a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that provides diagnostic tests to see if your PC's hardware is working properly, isolating hardware failures. After recently seeing a blue screen on my Windows 10 PC, upon reboot, I saw the Boot Device Not Found error with an option to click on […]

How to Change Swipe Gestures Settings in Color OS 6.1

Oppo's Color OS skin on Android may not be the best, but it does offer a ton of features. There are several different sweep gesture settings in Color OS 6.1. So if you're using an Oppo or Realme device with the latest Color OS update, this article is for you. You can also find out […]

How to Send Google Forms Responses to Multiple Email Addresses

Google Forms is one of the best online data collection tools in the world. With a Google account, you can easily create polls, RSVPs and other forms and also manage their responses. However, for each response to your forms, Google only sends a notification to the email address of the form creator / account owner. […]

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