How to Restore Deleted Contacts from Google

We save data such as contacts on Google because we trust them. Even if something is wrong with our phone, at least the contacts would reside securely in the Google cloud. Unfortunately, sometimes Google also breaks our hearts by deleting data. Did this happen to you too? Are there any missing contacts on your phone? […]

WhatsApp Dark Mode now Available in the Beta Build

After playing the hide-and-seek game for a while now, WhatsApp has finally welcomed the dark mode. Although there was already a workaround to activate dark mode, this however required a rooted Android device. In addition, a bug or two have also recently surfaced, which partially activated this mode. But now dark mode is officially available […]

Fix Google Chrome error 0xc00000a5 on Windows 10

If you are having Google Chrome error 0xc00000a5 while trying to install or launch Google Chrome, this article would be helpful. Some users reported this error when the browser was open and tried to launch a new window. Google Chrome error 0xc00000a5 The Google Chrome error 0xc00000a5 is caused when a few files essential to […]

How to Use Google Camera Astrophotography Mode to Click the Nightsky

Whenever we come across a high definition image of a starry sky or a milky way, our eyebrows rise in fear. We secretly want to be able to click on these photos on our smartphones. Obviously, not everyone is able to buy a high-end camera or related equipment to click on images like the professionals […]

How to share your Office 365 subscription with friends and family

Office 365 is arguably the best desktop tool available for personal and professional use, and millions of people use it regularly. Now, one of the cool things about Office 365 is the fact that, depending on the subscription, users can share with friends or family. Some people wonder how to get there and how many […]

How to Reset all Chrome Flags to Default State (Android & PC)

Google Chrome is perhaps the most feature-rich browser. To go further, the Flag section. These are the experimental features that are hidden from normal users. They not only provide for some changes to the user interface, but also tend to add more functionality. In some cases, it even allows you to change hardware and software […]

Recycle Bin is greyed out in Desktop Icon Settings on Windows 10

If the Trash option is grayed out in the Desktop Icon Settings window in Windows 10, you can refer to this step-by-step guide to resolve the issue. It will help you get the Recycle Bin option in the Desktop Icon Settings panel so that you can show or hide the Recycle Bin on the desktop. […]

The secret to becoming a leading Pinterest influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a complete job in itself. There is a lot of competition from around the world. Whether you're promoting someone else's brand or developing a personal brand, you need to know exactly what to do. Become a Influence Pinterestr is a completely different ball game. How to Become a Pinterest […]

Check Out these 3 Interesting Android Launchers

When it comes to launchers for Android devices, we are spoiled for choice. You have Nova, Pixel, Apex, Lawnchair, Microsoft Launcher, etc. Well, the list could go on and on. You may be familiar with all of these launchers and have even tried most of them. However, there are some launchers who most often fail […]

10 Ways to Fix Action Center Not Visible or Showing on Taskbar in Windows 10

The Action Center is a notification center where you can view, interact and ignore all Windows 10 notifications. It reveals the pane when you click on the Action Center icon conveniently placed in the lower right corner of the # 39; screen. Some users complain that the Action Center is not visible or displayed in […]

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