WindowsRemix automates all tasks after a fresh Windows 10 installation

WindowsRemix is a web service that allows you to install multiple applications after a fresh installation of Windows. You can install a set of software on your Windows 10 computer using this free utility. Installing Windows is a very daunting task for many people because you have to go through many steps to configure things. […]

Instagram Archive Feature explained in detail

So you come across one of your Instagram posts of yesteryear, which is unfortunately not true today. Perhaps the context in which you published it is no longer applicable, or you want to delete some of your past memories from your profile. In these cases, it makes sense to delete it from your timeline. Instagram […]

Can not find script file run.vbs error at logon in Windows 10

In today’s post we will try to resolve the issue regarding the error message Unable to find script file C: WINDOWS run.vbs when logging on to Windows 10. This Windows scripting host is displayed in an empty screen with a black background. This happens if malware has changed the Userinit registry value, replacing Windows default […]

Windows Store error 0x80072F05 – The server stumbled

If you encounter an error “0x80072F05 – Server stumbled“While trying to access the Microsoft Store, please read this article for resolution. Beforehand, please check the Internet connection status. Microsoft Store error 0x80072F05, server stumbled Microsoft Store error “0x80072F05 – Server stumbled” is due to corrupt Windows Store files, missing or corrupted files associated with the […]

How to Import Browsing Data to Microsoft Edge Chromium

Finally, Microsoft has managed to create a web browser that people really like to use to change. The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge, also known as Microsoft Edge Chromium, is based on the same rendering engine as that of Google Chrome. So not only does Microsoft Edge Chromium now display sites correctly, it also gives […]

Chrome for Android tests the Darken Websites functionality

Many applications are now slowly but surely adopting dark mode. While some like WhatsApp had a love-hate relationship with it, others (like Instagram) quickly introduced the same without much hassle. However, with Chrome, things were different. Google introduced the same functionality a long time ago, but never fully integrated dark mode. While the Chrome user […]

This app has been blocked by your system administrator

Users could get This application has been blocked by your system administrator error message when starting an application preinstalled on Windows 10. This error occurs when a PC is connected to a domain network and the administrator has used the AppLocker to deploy a restriction on the software installation policy. Here’s how, as an administrator, […]

How to restore old WhatsApp chats without Google Drive

Suppose you bought a new Android smartphone and want to restore old WhatsApp messages from the previous device. The app provides a fairly practical functionality to do so. All you have to do is enter your mobile device and WhatsApp will offer the option to restore your latest backup from Google Drive. But what if […]

5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Special Characters Not Working

Did you have trouble entering an email ID on your Windows 10 computer? For example, the email ID did not include the rate symbol (@). Instead, there was a completely different symbol. Several attempts fail to change it. It can be frustrating. We will therefore explain to you how to solve the problems when the […]

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