How to Send Memoji Clips & Stickers in WhatsApp from iPhone (iOS 14)

How To Send Memoji Clips & Stickers In Whatsapp From

How to use Memoji in WhatsApp

Memojis have become increasingly popular over the past year and iOS 14 adds to this trend with six new features and improvements that make your personalized emoji stand out and express your style even more precisely.

Many iPhone users still think that Memoji is limited to messages and never used them outside of Apple’s iMessage platform. It is true that Memoji goes with Apple’s standard messaging platform, but don’t be surprised to find that you can send Memoji stickers in WhatsApp as well!

How to send Memoji stickers in WhatsApp

how to send Memoji stickers in WhatsApp

  • 1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to an existing conversation or create a new one.
  • 2. Press the text entry field to display the keyboard.
  • 3. Press the Smiley icon, available in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • 4. Select one available Memoji sticker of Frequently used list, or choose a new one by pressing the three points icon.
  • 5. Press the three dots icon again, this time in the Memoji Stickers screen for edit your Memoji or create a new Memoji. Tap Finished when ready.

Important: Note that as soon as you tap on a Memoji sticker, in the Frequently used list, the memoji is sent! It is not added to the message text first, it is sent immediately.

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How to send Memoji clips in Whatsapp

You can also share your funny Memoji clips on the popular Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging app. Things aren’t as easy as with Memoji Stickers, but the end result is worth your time:
how to send memoji clip in whatsapp

  • 1. Open messages on your iPhone and search for an existing conversation.
  • 2. Press on Memoji Clips in the background IMessage app scrubber.
  • 3. Bring your face into the viewfinder and tap red record button.
  • 4. Register your Memoji clip and tap stop when you’re ready. (You can record up to 30 seconds). Send it!
  • 5. Tap the Memoji clip in the current conversation, to read it in full screen.
  • 6. Use the Share icon, available in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • 7. Press on WhatsApp and select the conversation you want to share your Memoji clip with.
  • 8. Tap following, preview the video. You can cut it if necessary. hurry icon blue paper plane to send!

How to delete Memoji in WhatsApp

If you accidentally tapped on the wrong Memoji sticker or sent an unwanted clip, you can remove it by long pressing on it.
To select Wipe off in the quick actions menu and select the messages you want to delete. Press the trash can icon available in the lower left corner. To select Delete for everyone and resend the correct Memoji.
Made: The chat will display the “This message has been deleted” instead of the erased sticker.

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Know when a Memoji has been read

Similar to normal text messages, Memoji stickers can also benefit from the read receipt feature.

  • Only one gray check means the sticker has been sent, but has not yet been delivered to the recipient. This usually happens if the contact on the other end of the line does not have an active Internet connection.
  • Two gray check signs means that the Memoji has been delivered but the message has not been read by the recipient.
    Tower: The recipient can preview your WhatsApp message if they are actively browsing the iPhone when the notification is triggered. A Memoji text can be previewed without enabling read receipt from the lock screen as well, if the user has enabled the “Show previews” option on the lock screen.
  • Two blue check signs next to your Memoji sticker means the message has been read.
    Made: If you don’t receive any read receipts, it means you last turned off read and read receipts for your account. Tap here to find out how to bring them back.
  • Point: Drag the Memoji message to the right to reveal the Message information screen and get additional information about Delivery and Seen time.

Do you know that in iOS 14 you can add face mask to Memoji? Are you using Memoji stickers? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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