What is Adobe_Updater.exe on my Windows 10 PC? Should you remove it?

Whenever a computer runs slowly, hangs, or hangs, the first approach should be to check the Task Manager for the processes causing high CPU usage. If the process causing high CPU usage is Adobe_updater.exe, see this article for resolution. What is the Adobe_Updater.exe process? Adobe_Updater.exe is the process associated with automatic software updates associated with […]

What is Sedlauncher.exe? Should you remove it?

Whenever a computer slows down or freezes, the first approach should be to check the Task Manager for disk usage and the programs that are causing it. Yes Sedlauncher.exe is causing high disk usage in your system, please read this article. What is Sedlauncher.exe? The Sedlauncher.exe file is sent to the system with Windows Update […]

What is this HP Display Control Service popup warning?

I turned on my Windows 10 PC today morning and found myself seeing a black HP Display Control Service dialog in the middle of my computer screen asking me to download and download Install this program from portrait.com. The question that came to my mind was: why is it not coming from hp.com but from […]

Fix LSAISO process high CPU usage in Windows 10

Some users may face the problem of LSAISO.exe The process (isolated LSA) experiences high CPU usage on a Windows 10 computer. The process is associated with Security Guard and Key Guard. In this article, we are looking at the possible cause and recommended solution to this problem. LSAISO process high CPU usage VSM uses isolation […]

Modern Setup Host high CPU or Memory usage on Windows 10

If your computer has become slow and Task Manager is displaying high CPU and memory usage SetupHost.exeyou should check this article. Here are some suggestions for solving high CPU or memory consumption problems by Host of modern configuration on a Windows 10 computer. What is the modern installation host (SetupHost.exe) Modern Setup Host is an […]

Ntdll.dll, Advapi32.dll, Gdi32.dll files explained

The DLL also called Dynamic Linked Library to hold a set of functions available in the Windows 10/8/7 operating system. Another program can call and execute the function. DLLs are built so that they can be updated and managed separately. Today, we explain about three of these DLL files – Ntdll.dll, Advapi32.dll, and Gdi32.dll Remember […]

Ntoskrnl.exe, Ntkrnlpa.exe, Win32k.sys files explained

The Windows 10 operating system contains tons of system files that are part of the main operating system. End users are often executed in Task Manager or against Blue Screen of Death. Today, we explain about three of these system files – Ntoskrnl.exe, Ntkrnlpa.exe, and Win32k.sys. Ntoskrnl.exe, Ntkrnlpa.exe, Win32k.sys are system files that make it […]

What is CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows 10? What does it do?

CompatTelRunner.exe is the Windows Compatibility Telemetry process. It periodically sends usage and performance data to Microsoft IP addresses in order to improve user experience and usage and to resolve potential issues. It is enabled by default, and data points are useful for Microsoft to improve Windows 10. Some users have reported that this is slowing […]

Microsoft Windows Logo process in Task Manager

A reader recently told us that he was seeing a process of printing the Microsoft Windows logo in his task manager. This seemed suspicious to me because I had never encountered such a process before and, furthermore, the editor's name column of the task manager was empty. Microsoft Windows logo process in Task Manager If […]

What is AppVShNotify.exe? Is it safe or is it a virus?

AppVShNotif.exe is a file created by Microsoft and available on Windows 10/8/7. It means Notifier Shell Application Microsoft Application Virtualization Client. It is located in a subfolder of C: Program files. He is responsible for the integration of a virtual application. This means that he is responsible for making available a file for a particular […]

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