Review of the Free Panda VPN for Windows 10 – Is it useful?

Panda VPN Free

Although there are a plethora of options available with Panda VPN, the free versions offer extremely limited features. The data allocation per day is only 150 MB Normally, the paid versions offer you 20 different location options, but the free version only gives you one; this too, by logging randomly to one of the locations in its list. Let's take a look at Panda Free VPN version for Windows PC today.

Panda VPN Free for Windows 10 – Review

If you do not have .NET Framework on your computer, you will be asked if you want to install it. The installation of .NET Framework will require a restart of the computer. When installing Free Panda VPN, you will also be asked if you want to install a navigation assistant to ensure your security when shopping on the Internet. Keep the option or uncheck it according to your preferences.

The free VPN from Panda does not come alone. Once the installation is complete, you will find a screen as shown above. It consists of an antivirus and a host of other services, including a VPN. The entire concentrator containing these additional elements was named Panda Dome.

The antivirus provided with the Dome is not an automatic virus checker. You can run scans manually or schedule them with the help of the Dome antivirus option. This antivirus is not intended to replace your already installed antivirus. If you think your computer is infected with a virus, you can run an additional scan to check your doubts.

VPN in the third option of the list of services available in the Dome window. When you click on the Free Panda VPN, you get a screen where you have to manually connect to the VPN. The replay of Free Panda VPN on the Internet contains many good things, but they include the options available with paid versions.

Panda Free VPN

The reality is that you will only be able to browse / download / stream things until you exhaust your daily data quota. Panda VPN (free version) will give you only 150 MB per day. If you exceed this number, your free VPN is automatically disabled after you have asked to upgrade. Just enough to watch a movie in 1080p.

This boasts 20 slots on its homepage but assigns a server automatically. You can not change the location in the free version of Panda VPN. It will ask you to upgrade when you try to change the location. The VPN Connection General page looks like the picture above in this section.

This changes your IP address and passes the proxy test (like using the What is My IP Address Web site).

The VPN is powered by the VPN Hotspot Shield. In other words, the Free Panda VPN uses the VPN Hotspot Shield to provide a VPN to its users. In addition, Help for Free Panda VPN is available in the form of forums and articles in the knowledge base. To talk to a real person, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

You can click here to download Panda VPN Free.


  1. it's free to use
  2. Takes up little space on your computer
  3. Faster than other VPNs (on my computer).

The inconvenients:

  1. Most features are only available in paid versions
  2. 150 MB of data per day, that's too little if you want to spend a lot of time on your computer: listen to music, watch videos or play games.
  3. No technical support is provided for Free Panda VPN
  4. The selection option of a prime location is limited to Pro accounts (for a fee)
  5. The antivirus provided in Panda Dome is not in real time, but you can schedule scans. Maybe you do not even need these features, because if you use Windows 10, you already use built-in Defender.

The above review of the free VPN Panda is based on my observations. Your experience may vary depending on what you do on your computers.

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