10 Best Ways to Fix Opera VPN Not Working on Android

10 Best Ways to Fix Opera VPN Not Working on Android

4. Private tabs only

There is a feature in Opera, enabled by default, that allows the VPN to work only on private tabs and not otherwise. Are you trying to use a VPN in a normal tab?

Tap the tab icon at the bottom and select the Private tab. Create a new tab if you haven’t done so already, and you should see the VPN options and settings.

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 5

Make sure VPN is enabled here and open Settings. Opera prohibits screenshots in private tabs, so here are the photos captured.

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 6

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 7

Activate the Use VPN button for private tabs here only to activate it everywhere. You can also choose to enable or disable the VPN when using Google search. This will impact your search results and they will no longer be personalized.

5. Update the application

All parameters are as they should be. In this case, if it is a known bug, the Opera development team may have released an update. Open the Play Store and update the Opera app for Android to the latest version.

On the contrary, a recent update could have broken the VPN function. In this case, you must revert to a previous version. You can download previous versions of any app from APKMirror and load it aside. Always read the reviews before updating important apps.

6. Conflicting applications

Are you using a dedicated VPN app simultaneously? Disable it to see if it helps resolve Opera VPN doesn’t work on your Android phone problem. Some adblockers like DNS66 and Blokada work by creating a local VPN. Disable them and check again. Finally, disable your antivirus and any other security applications that you may have installed. If all of that resolves the issue, you should whitelist the Opera application inside that application or completely disable the application when using a VPN in Opera.

7. Change location

The Opera browser comes with three different virtual locations. Changing the location can help as there may be a downtime or other error in the location of the server you are using. Go back to the VPN settings as you did before and tap Virtual Location.

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 8

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 9

Try each location until VPN in the Opera browser works again.

8. Clear application and cookie cache

Open Settings and under Applications, find and open the Opera application.

Correction of Opera VPN not working on Android 10

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 11

Tap Clear data at the bottom of the screen and select Clear cache, then Manage space. You can delete all data there.

Fixed Opera VPN not working on Android 12

9. Blame It on ISP

VPN services from browsers like Opera are frowned upon by the governments of some countries. You may be living in one of these countries. Call your ISP and find out if they know anything. You can also search social media sites like Twitter and local Facebook or app pages because other users could have reported similar cases.

10. Dedicated VPN applications

We do not recommend free VPN services like the one offered by Opera at GT. When there is no product to sell, you are usually the product. Free VPN service providers are known to collect user data. We recommend that you study paid VPNs like CyberGhost or ExpressVPN or those offered by the famous password manager Dashlane. Note that popular VPNs have already been hacked, but they are much better than free alternatives like Opera. I also invite you to consult the TOR browser.

In for money

It’s true, and you know it. Opera’s free VPN service works, and while it’s good for the occasional thing, you don’t want to use it when your data, privacy, and security are at stake. That’s when you should consider to use a dedicated VPN. For everything else, it’s pretty good, and one of the solutions above should have solved the problem on your Android.


Are you looking for a more secure browser? Click the link below to learn more about TOR and the Brave browser. Find out how a combination of these two can help protect your identity and data and what each has to offer in our in-depth comparison.

Last updated March 1, 2020

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