Samsung Galaxy A02s Review

Samsung Galaxy A02 review

The bargain price means you will only find the basics here. Find out what’s left in our review of the Samsung Galaxy A02.

Samsung Galaxy A02s review: incredible price, limited ambition

Samsung Galaxy A02s / M02s review - reviews

Every smartphone maker needs a starting point for their product line, and the Galaxy A02s holds that honor for Samsung. Money? Is the humble datasheet ready for everyday tasks? We’re here to break it down and find the value in our Samsung Galaxy A02s review.

What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy A02

The Galaxy A02 started as an entry-level model of the Galaxy A series in early 2021. Samsung offers its affordable device in six configurations, starting with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. However, only two versions are available in the United States (both listed above). Whichever version you choose, you can choose the Galaxy A02 in red, black, blue, or white.

The Samsung Galaxy A02s ships with Android 10 and One UI 2.5 on board, but has since received the Android 11 update, which introduced One UI 3.1 and the August 1, 2021 security patch, while our testing was ongoing. On most Samsung Galaxy A devices, we expect the phone to receive software version updates for two years and security patches for four years before being retired. This means you can get the One UI 4 before end of support, although Samsung hasn’t specified exactly how long it will be supported. by Qualcomm

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Snapdragon 450 SoC keeps the lights on and serves as the centerpiece of Samsung’s economic operation. You can pair it with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, or add a microSD card for extra breathing space. Samsung brought the same 5,000mAh battery and 6.5in HD + display from its Galaxy A12, so the Galaxy A02 should look great and last for hours. The infinity notch has also been kept, although the selfie lens only offers 5MP instead of 8MP.

There’s not much to consider in the package: Samsung includes a charger and USBC cable as well as a SIM eject tool. Otherwise, you will only find documentation, although the Quick Start Guide has information for both the Galaxy A02 and the Galaxy. AT 12.

The Samsung Galaxy A02s doesn’t have too much competition in the under $ 150 price bracket, but the market fills up as you get closer to $ 200. The Nokia G10 is one of the few real competitors at $ 149, with an equally massive battery price and triple camera system. Considered by many to be the king of budget devices, Motorola offers a rear-mounted fingerprint reader for $ 169. If you want a more powerful yet affordable Samsung device, the Galaxy A12 has a long list of features. $ 179 Table Upgrades

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What is good?

One of Samsung’s best design decisions for the Galaxy A02s was not to have a shiny surface. Gloss seems to be a popular choice on budget devices, but I prefer the slightly textured matte that Samsung has chosen. It is not completely immune to fingerprints or smudges. but it doesn’t climb the wall to keep the phone clean. The patterned back wall gives the black base finish an extra touch of style.

Samsung’s large 6.5-inch HD + display is solid, especially for the price tag of $ 129. It’s big enough to stream your favorite shows and you probably won’t notice the lower resolution. You can use the convenient headphone jack at the bottom or turn up the volume with a single speaker facing down. I noticed a lot of distortion with the speaker, which was a pleasant surprise.

The triple rear camera might not be Samsung’s best, but the 13 MP main shooter can provide good light. It also works in conjunction with macro and depth sensors to provide wide / ultra-wide support without the need for a special lens. surprised by Samsung’s live focus mode given the limited hardware, especially the selfie camera. He has for the most part lifted his hair up nicely, although Live Focus was less successful on the cow pictured below.

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A 3.1 user interface helps keep the Galaxy A02 in good working order and up to date despite hardware restrictions. It’s good to see an affordable phone get the updates that Samsung promised, and there are some features that I’ve grown to love. One of them is Samsung Free, which combines Samsung TV Plus, Samsung Podcasts, Taboola News, and Instant Plays in one app.

You also get great battery life with the Galaxy A02s – I was able to carry the 5,000mAh cell for two days of moderate use. It may not hold up well for heavy games, but you can reply to emails and browse social media. for hours without a problem.

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