Schedule Windows 10 Update download & install time using ABC-Update

Schedule Windows 10 Update time

Letting Windows download and install updates automatically can sometimes cause unwanted issues. So, it's better to have control. the ABC-Update Tool is created for that purpose. The free tool can be used to install Windows updates as per your convenience.

Schedule the update time of Windows 10

The ABC-Update tool is available in two versions:

  1. Graphic version
  2. Online command version

Choose to install Windows 10 pdates on networked computers

Both versions allow Windows 10 users to download and install or uninstall the update categories of their choice. In addition, you can schedule the activity in a service window outside of office hours, control restart loops, and other tasks. The planning feature is only available in the graphical version. We will see this version in detail.

1) ABC-Update GUI Version

With this release, you can select computers for an update.

a) Selection of computers to update

The computers to be updated can be selected in the Windows Active Directory domain, from files or directly entered.

By clicking on a name, you select the computer in the list. Even the whole domain can be selected. ABC-Update is able to handle even hundreds of simultaneous remote update sessions.

You can also click on the buttonContribution'To write the name of the targets. Named targets can be saved to a file for later use, and you can read targets from files.

Once target / s is selected, a new information window appears to allow you to follow the process of pinging, starting, and running on remote sites. By clicking on a computer name anywhere in the program, you access a live log window for that computer.

b) Plan in a service window

You can choose the time of your choice and your convenience to schedule updates and reboots. Simply set a service window and start the operations so that they only run at the specified time.

2) ABC-Update Command Line Version

This version of the ABC-Update tool allows you to install Windows updates by grouping them into categories. In addition, it is possible to sort the categories by filtering them.

The ABC-Update tool can filter these categories with the / C: switch. The switch accepts a comma as a separate list of categories. For example –

ABC-Update.exe /C: FeaturePacks, SecurityUpdates, UpdateRollups

The different filtering options include

  • Filtering by KB number
  • Filtering by type
  • Filtering by name / title
  • Filtering by date
  • Filtering by query string

Overall, ABC-Update is an easy-to-use tool that lets you control Windows Update operations. To download, visit his official site.

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