How to find the Accounts linked to your Email address and Phone number

Signing up for a new service or application is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to prepare your new account these days. When surfing the Internet, most of us sign up for many applications and services using our email credentials or phone numbers. However, it can be alarming to know that your […]

How to Set up Touch ID and Use It to Secure Your Mac

Mobile user authentication methods have evolved rapidly over the years. Today we have fingerprint sensors and a Face ID for user authentication. Microsoft brought Windows Hello facial recognition functionality, which was in tandem with a fingerprint scanner on corporate notebooks. Apple’s MacBook 2016 lineup introduced Touch ID integration into macOS. Since then, there has been […]

How to maintain good Cyber Hygiene

VSCybersecurity is becoming a major concern for individuals and organizations around the world. To remedy this, Microsoft recently urged companies to organize cybersecurity awareness training programs. He also launched a cybersecurity awareness kit which provided user training based on simulation against cyber attacks. It is therefore imperative in these times that a user follows Cyber […]

How to create email rules to prevent Ransomware in Microsoft 365 Business

Ransomware is one of the most painful versions of malware that lock files and even access a computer. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, you can configure rules that will ensure that you block certain ransomware files. Email is the operational source of Ransomware attacks where files are sent in the form of JavaScript, […]

Windows Security Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with its internal security app – Windows security with a set of default settings, which ensures that the computer is safe. However, it is essential that as a consumer, you are aware of these parameters and change if there is something missing. In this article, we will review all the Windows security […]

Top 5 Ways to Fix Google Authenticator Not Working on iPhone

The Google Authenticator is one of the best and most widely used two-factor authentication (2FA) apps for Android and iOS. Recently Google launched a major update that adds more features to further improve the security of your online accounts. What happens if Google Authenticator suddenly refuses to work on your phone? This means that you […]

Tips to protect your Windows computer against Thunderspy attack

Thunderclap is the hardware brand interface developed by Intel. It acts as an interface between the computer and external devices. While most Windows computers come with all kinds of ports, many companies use Thunderbolt to connect to different types of devices. It facilitates connection, but according to research at Eindhoven University of Technology, the security […]

How to Secure Google Drive With Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone and iPad

We often store important files and folders in Google Drive. But if you tend to leave your iPhone or iPad unlocked, anyone can just open the app and access its content. That’s why it’s essential to secure your important Google Drive files with Face ID or Touch ID authentication on your iPhone and iPad. It […]

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