How to use Workspaces Tab Grouping feature in Opera browser

How to use Workspaces Tab Grouping feature in Opera browser

Managing multiple open tabs in a browser can sometimes be difficult. Different browsers support different features to simplify this task. For example, Mozilla Firefox comes with the container functionality. In the same spirit, Opera added Work spaces a function. So, how to use the Opera Workspaces function to manage different tabs in the browser. We will have this part covered in our message.

Functionality for grouping tabs of workspaces in the Opera browser

The workspaces allow its users to organize groups of tabs according to their interests to enjoy a cleaner, simpler and distraction-free browser. Although it seems to replicate the container functionality of Firefox, it is different in the sense that it is only used to separate tabs. It does not store any navigation data inside.

Launch the Opera browser, select the Opera menu and go to ‘Update and recovery»To run a check for updates.

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The browser must update to the latest version and install it automatically.

The Workspaces function is hidden under the sidebar of the Opera. So select “Sidebar options“Visible as 3 dots at the bottom of the window to enter”Sidebar configuration

Work spaces

There, at the top of the bar, you can find the Workspaces function.

From there, you can easily create, customize, hide, or delete tab groups, as well as manage other useful tools and features in your Opera browser.

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How to use the tabbed workspace functionality in the Opera browser

Other options for workspaces can be found under the tab menu, such as moving tabs (or a set of tabs) to another workspace.

You can make these options readily available by simply right-clicking on an open tab and choosing the desired option.

Tab options, such as reloading all tabs or highlighting duplicate tabs, work only in the tab group of your active window.

On the other hand, the visual tab cycler (Ctrl + Tab) shows you the tabs of your current workspace, so that you can continue to focus on the work you are currently doing.

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Overall, like all Opera features, the Workspaces feature is designed to improve the navigation utility and your daily browsing habit.

Let us know if you find it useful.

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