Simplenote is a free cross-platform note-taking app with markdown support

Simplenote note taking app

Where do you write down all your thoughts, ideas or notes from this very urgent office meeting? By noting each of your important tasks, you get an accurate account, much more reliable than relying on your memory, often degraded by constant stress. Therefore, a simple note-taking app could be a fast, economical and reliable option for you!

Note-taking apps are the digital option of notebooks or classic diaries. Because they are digital, they can do a lot more than paperwork. If you are looking for a note-taking app, you might want to take a look at the free version. Simplenote app.

Simplenote note-taking app

The Simplenote note-taking app looks like its name, a simple digital note-taking app that gives you a clutter-free space for creating and editing notes. His starkness is his equivalent to taking pen notes with which we are all well acquainted. The tool aims to provide a distraction-free note-taking environment, and it achieves this through a streamlined interface. This application merges the notebook of your PC, incorporates very good features and allows you to synchronize all your notes on a multitude of devices.

Do not expect rich text formatting, image downloads, and attachments with the Simplenote note-taking app. In addition to that, do not expect to draw or record audio memos, Simple Note is a pure understated exclusively in the category of note-taking applications.

This application is available for Windows 10 for free and can be downloaded from its main website. The application also has versions on Windows 7/8, Linux, iOS, Android and macOS.

Here are some notable features:

  • Synchronization: As this application asks you to create a Simplenote account to run on your computer, it allows you to synchronize multiple devices. In a nutshell, create a note on your PC and find it on a multitude of devices whose application is connected with the same account ID.
  • Dark mode: The dark mode not only confers an awesome look to the application, but also helps to work well in the dimly lit areas.
  • Notes of import / export: You can import Evernote, plain text files and other Simplenote files to this application or export notes to your PC.
  • Public Rating: This is one of the most interesting and useful features of this application as it allows you to create a public link for your note and share it with everyone.
  • Changelog detailed: Provides a detailed changelog for your notes, which means you can find the date and time of the last update and restore the notes of any previous version.
  • Control List: Recently added functionality that keeps you on top of your important task.
  • Instant Search: Finding notes is easy, Simplenote allows you to type and review your notes, so you never lose an important thought.
  • Free tool: The Simplenote note-taking app is a free tool with no hidden costs.

Start with the Simplenote note taking application in Windows 10

1) Download and install the Simplenote note-taking app on your Windows 10 PC.

2) Create an account by clicking S & #39; register.

To register is easy. it asks the user to enter the email id and password.

4) Now, start using the Simplenote note taking application.

Here is a list of some of its main features:

  1. Create new notes
  2. Enable the "dark theme"
  3. Notes of import / export
  4. 'Preferences' in Simplenote
  5. Research Notes
  6. Insert a checklist

Let's examine each of these features in detail:

1) Create new notes:

You can create new notes by going to File then clicking New note.

2) Activate the "dark theme":

Simple note taking

As already mentioned, the dark theme is one of the most important features of this Simplenote note-taking app because it creates a better reading and writing environment in dimly lit areas. To activate the dark theme on Simplenote, go to View then go to the Theme option and turn on the light Dark.

3) Import / export notes:

Simple note taking

Simplenote makes it easy for users to import or export notes. To import notes, click File and hit Import notes. This option allows users to import notes from Evernote, Simplenote and even plain text files.

To export files, go to File and click Export notesyou can also use a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E.

4) "Preferences" in Simplenote:

Simple note taking

There are many things you can do under the Preference option. You can view your account details, import / export notes and play with the display. The display option connects all the key features under the head; this allows you to:

  • Change the display of your note
  • Fixed line length
  • Sort notes according to order or type
  • Change the theme.

5) Research notes:

Simple note taking

Looking for notes on the Simplenote note taking application is very simple. Simply type in the search field to highlight the search term in all notes.

6) Insert the checklist:

Simple note taking

Finally, one of the most important features, useful and interesting, and of course the latest additions to Simplenote – the checklist. This feature lets you not miss any of your important tasks. To create a checklist on the Simplenote note taking app, go to Format and click Insert the checklist. You can also use a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C.

Last thoughts

If you are looking for a good note-taking tool, the Simplenote note-taking app is a must. It may not be very feature-rich, but when it comes to simple note taking, it ensures you have everything you need for effective note-taking. Simplenote for Windows is a must. if you like this tool, you can download it right here.

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