Windows computer wont let me upload Pictures to websites

Windows computer wont let me upload Pictures to websites

Windows 10 is an excellent operating system, and the same can be said of many of the computers on which it is installed. But there comes a time when things do not work out as expected, and one of those problems is the inability to upload images. Many Windows 10 users have at least once suffered from this problem. Although this is a minor problem, it can be very painful for those who download images regularly. The question is therefore whether this problem can be corrected or not.

Can not upload photos to websites

For this we must deliver a resounding yes. Thanks to our vast experience, the impossibility of downloading images has nothing to do with the hardware of your computer, but with the software. In many cases, it is a web browser problem or even a blockage of your ISP.

1) Check if a browser extension is a cause

From time to time, browser extensions, while great, can cause problems for a web browser. If you have multiple extensions installed, determining which one is the culprit may take some time, but not too long.

This message will show you how to manage browser extensions and extensions. There should be enough information for the most part. Keep in mind that when all extensions have been disabled, turn them on one by one to detect the extension that exhibits faulty behavior.

Once you have determined which is the cause of all this mess, please disable it and wait for an update before reactivating it.

2) Reset the web browser

Let's hope that the first option works because no one wants to go through the difficulty of resetting their web browser. This will delete history, passwords, bookmarks, etc., so it's never a good idea.

However, if your content is saved in the cloud, resetting your web browser should not be a problem.

These messages will show you how to reset Chrome | Firefox | Edge.

3) Change your browser

There may be an underlying problem with your web browser. In this case, we recommend that you choose another tool to browse the web. Several web browsers are currently available on the web. Therefore, no one should have a single problem to find a replacement.

I hope something helps.

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