Smart Tagger Word add-in makes finding and tagging documents super easy

Smart Tagger Word add-in makes finding and tagging documents super easy

Some problems are difficult to manage and therefore difficult to solve. For them, you must have a different approach. One of these problems is finding or finding documents in a large company. To simplify this, Microsoft has come up with a unique solution: Smart Tagger. Microsoft Garage Project helps creators and collaborators move documents quickly by simply marking them.

Move documents using the Smart Tagger Word Add-in

Creating tags for documents can help you find them quickly without navigating the vast library of content. This saves time and effort. However, labeling each document requires diligence. Smart Tagger has been designed for this purpose.

In this article we will guide you,

  1. Smart Tagger Features
  2. How Smart Tagger works

Smart Tagger makes it easy to tag documents by intelligently proposing document tags.

1) Features of Smart Tagger

  • Suggestions for smart tags – After a thorough automated scan of your document, suggests the possible tags of interest.
  • Tag Manager – Fills tags quickly and allows users to add or edit their tags.
  • Tag Shuffle – Refreshes the current list of tags to propose a new batch.
  • Predictive typing – Suggest a tag based on what you typed.

2) How does Smart Tagger work?

Simply get the add-in for Word from the link provided at the end of the article.

After installing the add-in, launch it by clicking the add-in button on the Home tab.

Instantly, a task pane layout will be visible to you with the following headers,

  • Recommended tags section
  • Section of current document tags
  • Entry field
  • View other recommendations
  • Button "X"

To add tags to your document, enter a tag of your choice in the text box and press the "Enter" key.

The tag will be immediately added to the Current document tags Section. All tags in the Current Document Tags section are automatically saved in the properties of your document.

To add recommended tags, click on the desired tag.

When finished, the tag will be selected in the Recommended Tags section and displayed in the Tags section of the current document.

Similarly, to remove the recommendations, click the "X" button next to the recommendation. The action will remove the tag from the Current Document Tags section and will be removed from the properties of your document.

Word Add-in for Smart Tagger available in

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