"Suspicious login attempt" on Instagram

Recently, many Android and iOS device owners started complaining that the smartphone was reporting the message when trying to grab their own Instagram accounts. "Suspicious login attempt: We detected an unusual login attempt. We will send you a security code to verify your identity.Today, we have decided to understand the probable causes of this problem and to propose several solutions.

The question is as follows:

  1. A user logs on to his account.
  2. The message "doubtful connection attempt" appears on the screen. Then, a user is offered to choose a way to receive a security code to connect;
  3. After selecting the option "phone", the code is received. The problem is that. After connecting to a new password, a user receives the same "suspicious login attempt" message and the circle is closed.

The Instagram forum is full of complaints about this. They look like:

Hello, my account is about 5 years old. Now I am faced with the problem that I can not access my account via a browser, other phones or other applications. The screen constantly displays "We have detected an unusual connection attempt". I go to email, get a secure code, grab it, and again and again I end up on the Instagram home page. What's the problem? The email and phone for this account are working.

After studying the tips on the Web, we tried to solve the problem by clearing the cache, reinstalling the application, using older versions, and having Web-based authorization. There was no result. Well, we have worked hard to find a solution. We divided our research into forums and finally came to conclusions. The problem is one geolocation change momentarily (ip changes, country, region).

Among the pages of a forum, we found the answer:

Do not let your account do a geolocation leap. They have a smart neuro bot. In addition it is self-learning. It corrects the geolocation at the first registration. Then, the security codes are formed accordingly.

And everything starts clear. The application does not allow the use of your home Wi-Fi network or via a web version because of the same IP address. Finally, using cellular internet make an authorization then switch to home Wi-Fi. From this point of view, it is not difficult to explain the problem. Cellular network providers often assign another region to the IP address. You have probably already faced that. It's probably happened last time.

The question is why Instagram has a security system so serious that it refuses and does not allow authorization, even if it has an email and a phone number. This is not clear. Nevertheless, we have successfully cleared. We solved the problem. If you know of other ways to solve this problem, please let us know in the comments below.

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