System Restore stuck or hung up in Windows 10

System Restore stuck or hung up

If system restore is stalled or suspended while booting the registry in Windows 10, here's what you need to do to get out of the registry. The first advice in case of long restoration of the system is to give it a little more time -. Although it usually takes no longer than 5 minutes, if it is blocked, I recommend you stretch and let it take even an hour. You should not interrupt the system restore because if you stop it suddenly, the system may not start.

Restoring the blocked or suspended system

If your system restore is blocked, here's how to stop system recovery while protecting the system. There are three ways to move forward:

  1. Press the power button for 10 seconds
  2. Force the auto repair mode
  3. System Restore in Safe Mode

1) Press the power button for 10 seconds

When you have waited long enough, it is time to make a sudden stop. Press the power button for a little over 10 seconds. Once the computer turns off, reboot again and follow the steps.

There are two scenarios here:

Scenario 1: The computer did not come with the Windows installation disc. it means that there is a preloaded recovery. Follow the steps mentioned below and perform a system restore from the Windows Recovery Environment.

  • After performing a hard reset, press the key F 12 to start in the Boot Priority menu.
  • In the Boot Priority menu, select the System Recovery Wizard
  • From the system recovery wizard, perform System Restauration

Scenario 2: There was a recovery disk, but you lost it. In this case, you must burn a Windows 10 recovery disc with the help of another computer.

Start the computer with a bootable disk or USB drive, and then boot into advanced recovery mode. Here you can choose to recover system files using System Restore or completely reset Windows 10.

2) Force the auto repair mode

Diagnose your PC or prepare the automatic repair

If you have waited long enough and need to shut down, you can force the system to reboot. If you use the power button, you may need to hold it down for at least 4 seconds to turn it off. When you turn on, auto start repair will be started in such situations. The operating system detects that something is wrong with the files. This will trigger the auto start repair.

3) System Restore in Safe Mode

Restoring the blocked or suspended system

System Restore can also be triggered from safe mode. Follow the steps to start in Windows 10 Safe Mode.

  • Select Choose an option> Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup settings>. To restart.
  • press F6 to select Enable safe mode with the command Prompt to perform system restore.
  • Run rstrui.exe to open it, if necessary.

Since safe mode starts with minimal settings, it is best to restore the computer here.

We hope that you have found the easy steps to follow and that you have managed to get out of trouble.

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