The Complete List of Slack Commands that you’ll ever need

slack commands

The cloud-based, proprietary collaborative messaging service, Slack is the go-to platform for professional discussions. Some of its great features include the ability to communicate and make group voice calls, transparent file sharing, and the integration of various third-party services such as Google Drive. Well, many of you may already be familiar with these functions. But does the app come with amazing shortcut commands to get your job done quickly? In this guide, we will list all of the commands that come with Slack. Before you start, be sure to check out these Slack tips for improving your work productivity.

What are Slack commands and how to access them

Soft Commands are useful shortcut keywords that make your job easier. From the start of a DND session to the management of RSS subscriptions, from the invitation of a new member to a group session to the complete start of the group, all it takes is a few command words. In addition, to access any of the Slack commands, directly type the command mentioned below in the message field and press Send.

Slack command list

That said, here are all the necessary commands you will need. Not all controls work on all devices. We will explicitly mention the commands that did not work on our devices. You can always try it out and see if they work on your devices or not. Also check out useful Chrome shortcuts: Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS.

/ applications

This command searches for all Slack applications in the applications directory. For example, if you want to use Google Drive, type / apps [Google Drive].

/ archive Slack Command

It will archive your entire current channel. As is the case with other applications, the conversation will no longer be visible on the application’s home screen. Group members will also be notified that the group has been archived. You can always view the archive conversation history of the archived group at any time. Keep this in mind. Once you have archived a channel, all applications connected to that channel will also be disabled.

/a way

online status

This could be used to toggle your absence status. If you’re concerned about a lot of work and want to forward the same to everyone, just press the / away command to change your status to busy.

/ collapse Slack command

Hide all online images and videos from the current chat screen. This Slack command did not work in my case. But do not worry. We’ve already shared a very detailed guide to hiding images and videos from the Slack chat screen. Check it out.

/ expand Slack command

The reverse of the above command. It will bring back the preview of the images in your chats. If the command does not work, you can use the help of the guide above.

/ feed Slack command

Use this Slack command to effectively manage your Slack subscriptions. Tap / feed list to get a list of all the RSS feeds you are currently subscribed to. On the other hand, enter / feed remove [ID number] to unsubscribe from a feed. You can also use the / feed help command to get more information on this.

/ invite @username [#channel]

This command can be used to invite any member to your channel. Many characters are involved in this command. Make sure you follow it in exactly the same way.

/join [#channel]

quit join

If you want to be part of a group, simply use this Slack command followed by the channel name in square brackets with a hash sign. If you are not sure of the group name, just enter / join and the application will list all the groups you could be part of. However, you cannot search for private channels. You will need to be invited by one of the members of the private channel to be part of this group.

/ exit Slack Command

As the name suggests, use this shortcut to leave any group directly. If you leave a private group, you cannot be automatically added again unless one of its members adds you. Apart from that, you can also use the / close or / part command for this purpose.

/ msg @username [your message]

slack message command

If you want to send a direct message to one of your team members, simply use this Slack command. The message must be placed in square brackets, as shown by the command given.


Use this shortcut to cut any channel. Sending this message the second time restores this channel.

/call back

slack recall control

Use to set a reminder. It has many branches. All possible combinations are based on this single command: / call back @username [what] [when]. Here is an example of the same. Suppose you have to call your team leader in about 20 minutes on February 13. The command will be written / call @John [Call team lead] [13th Feb]. After that, press When and enter the desired time (after 20 minutes in this case). Finally, tap Set reminder.

/ Rename

Use this Slack command to rename any channel. Only the administrators of their respective groups could carry out this task.


A universal search in the application, use it to search for text messages or files shared with Slack members.

/ shortcuts

Opens the keyboard shortcut menu. It does not work on all devices.


Use this Slack command to add a channel topic. This will help you identify what this chain or group is. For example, / topic [Chrome Android] tells users that this string is about the Chrome browser for Android.


This lists the names of up to 100 members of the channel in which you executed this command.

So these are all the important Slack commands you need to do. If you are a regular user of this application, make a daily habit of using these shortcuts rather than performing these steps manually. This will definitely help you in the long run.

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