The Oppo Flip Phone Is Pure Magic

Oppo flip phone

The Oppo X 2021 roll up phone concept is the first step towards a new era of smartphone user experiences, and the future looks exciting.

Oppo flip phone

Oppo Reno Flip 5G - folding phone patent - divna.Tech

Can’t wait to buy it. Writing on smartphones for over a decade may bore you, but I think a lot of people will agree with me that smartphones are no longer interesting.

More megapixels, higher frame rates, and more gigahertz than you might think are necessary evolutionary steps, but these inevitable incremental improvements are not transformative experiences. Foldable devices and flip phones have called that into question.

… So far, even the best foldable phones are more curious than necessary. Whether it’s bulky size, unsightly folding, or lack of software optimization, foldable phones have been interesting so far, but not enough for mass adoption, even for the versions. second generation hardware such as Samsung. Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X2.

Introducing the Oppo X 2021, a scrolling concept phone from a Chinese company. In the current generation of foldable phones, Oppo X 2021 looks low-key, hidden on the table. The extra thick bezel on the right side may attract curious glances, but overall this phone isn’t much different from existing oversized phones. This is her beauty.

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For foldable and rollable phones to become mainstream, these devices need to be much more usable in order to suit ordinary users, not the other way around. Pockets where you need two hands to open them, flip phones are completely autonomous animals without all these faults. If you don’t know what’s hiding beneath the surface, Oppo X 2021 can pass just like any other smartphone.

After a while, slide the power button up, both motors start, and everything that happens is science fiction. We managed to test one in a very short time. This is what we found. Do you like the Oppo X 2021 foldable phone? I’m pretty sure I have to turn on the screen at least a hundred times during the two days I use the phone. It’s amazing, simply because I never tire of watching conversions when the content is flowing and adjusting to new dimensions. Oppo’s excellent transition animations help this even more. Oppo X 2021 only takes a few minutes to convince you that a mobile screen is more than just a party gadget.

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They have been enlarged and lengthened to meet the demands of everyday ergonomics. However, such a long aspect ratio can make reading and viewing difficult. The Oppo X 2021 foldable phone solves this problem. Call it a honeymoon to try out new tech, but the bigger screen space makes me want to spend more money. It’s time to browse through the contents of the phone, take some notes and finally keep reading the long unfinished paperback. The screen expands from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches in about two seconds, and the Oppo X 2021 is very suitable for use as a mini-table when unfolded.

The 0.7-inch increase may seem small, but it will drastically change the way you use your device. It not only increases the screen area by almost 50%, but also converts a 19.5: 9 panel to a 4: 3 aspect ratio, making it an ideal replacement for small tablets such as e-readers or iPads. mini. Swiping to open the screen is easy to do, and I flip the screen every time I read long content – Oppo handles weight distribution well, so the foldable phone can be easily placed in one place.

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It also helps that the screen itself looks great and doesn’t have the unsightly creases we had on foldable phones (like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2). There is a little imperfection around the edges, but nothing is as bad as the creases you see in many creases, and you will get used to them in a matter of minutes. The POLED display used here doesn’t have the ultra-thin glass of Samsung devices, but in the short time I’ve used the phone, Oppo’s laminated display seemed to hold up well. , Fingerprints and D staining are not a big deal.

OPPO patents foldable clamshell phone with screen on the outside -

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