Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps

In this article, you will find out what Android Instant is and how it helps you have a better experience with all apps in the Play Store. Also, you will see the purpose of Google Play Instant. Later we will show you how to use Instant Apps on your Android device and Play Store.

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Introducing Google Play Instant for Android

From August 2021, all new Instant Interactions and Upgrades to Current Experiences will be released to Google Play with Instant Activation Product Packs.

Google Play Instant allows native apps, games, and services to start without being installed on devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher. You can create these kinds of experiences, called instant apps and instant games, with Android Studio. Allowing users to run an instant app or instant game, also known as instant experience, increases the discovery of the app or game, which leads to more engaged users or installations.

Instant games and apps will only use a subset of the APIs available in the Android SDK and NDK. When creating an instant experience, be sure to find only supported permissions.

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Google will let you play Android games before you download them - CNET

How does the instant experience work for Android devices?

Users can use Google Play Instant by pressing a button in the Play Store, on the Google Play Games app, or on a website banner to use any app or game without downloading it first. Its discovery surfaces are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

When Google Play receives the request for an app or instant game, it will transfer the required files to the Android device that made the request. The application or game is then started by the computer.

There are two types of instant experiences: “Try” experiences in the download store and “Instant Play” games in the Google Play Games app.

Android Instant Apps (2020): Best Android Instant Apps!  what are instant apps?  - Eyestech

In the Play Store, you will get an instant “Try it” experience.

In the Play Store, tapping Try Now displays instant sensations. This form of experience is usually a smaller beta version of the app or game designed to build installs. Game developers, for example, may want to create the first level of their game as an immediate interaction and then encourage users to download the entire game.

Google Play Instant also allows you to include a prompt in your Instant Experience that prompts users to download the full experience to their device.

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Android instant app experience without installing on your phone

In the Play Store app, there is a full “instant play” gaming experience.

Full games supplied with Google Play Instant have the right to be favorably displayed on the home page of the Google Play Games application. These “instant play” games are full games, not demos. To play the entire game without downloading it first, players press the instant play button. See instant play games for more details.

Google Play Instant Games let you play first, download later |  TechRadar

Reduce the size of your app or game to enable instant experiences.

To enable these instant interactions, the app or game must be less than 15MB in size, but the more you simplify it, the easier it will be for users.

Reducing the size of your app or instant game has many benefits, such as:

  • Increased interaction or installation with customers, as well as market growth
  • Activation of all instant surfaces, including the Try Now button in the Play Store and the “Instant Play” home page in the Google Play Games app.

How to use Android Instant Apps - Android Authority


Some applications have more sophisticated architectural elements, which are described on the following pages. Read the section on this feature if your app or game includes any of the following.

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Deep links

If your current software also uses deep links or Android app links, check out our guide on app linking for a more immediate experience.

Users will choose not to open links in apps. This choice is available via the Instant applications menu in the machine parameters of the device.

Multiple entry points

It is possible to have various instant interactions from the same app or game by having multiple entry points. A puzzle game, for example, can have two modes: single player, timed competition, and multiplayer showdown. You can deploy these modes as separate instant encounters, allowing players to experience various elements of the gameplay.

Configure a new entry point for each experience you want to have to create these different entry points. For details, see Include various entry points in an immediate experience.

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