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Samsung has released a new application called Theme Park which is actually a new module, the suite of applications Good Lock. It allows users to theme One UI in a few simple steps. Samsung has always been known for its incredible customization options. With the Theme Park app, he brought the theme to the layperson. Using this app, you can create themes based on the dominant accents of the wallpaper of your choice. Download Samsung Theme Park APK (v1.0.00.0) below and follow the instructions.

The recently launched theme park module by Samsung for Good Lock allows users to customize their device in One UI with ease. If you have not heard of Good Lock yet and what it has to offer, you can read it. Good Lock allows you to install a set of cool Samsung modules. Each module includes its own objectives and allows you to customize certain aspects of the user interface.

The new theme park module added to the family of Good Lock lets you create an interesting theme from your wallpaper. Of course, you can customize it as you please. Therefore, if you have a favorite wallpaper and want your entire system interface to reflect certain wallpaper colors, then follow the steps to learn how to use the theme park to customize your One UI device. Samsung devices already come with a dedicated theme store that hosts thousands of free and paid themes. However, if you like to customize things your way, you should try Theme Park on your Samsung devices running One UI.

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How to use Theme Park on Samsung devices

Using the theme park is quite easy, although it may seem overwhelming at first. It should also be noted that the Good Lock Theme Park Module is not available for all countries and regions of the moment, but you can try it now by downloading Samsung-ThemePark- APK. You can still get the latest version of Theme Park and other Good Lock apps in the Galaxy Apps market.

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After downloading the APK file, copy it to your device and install it. If you are prompted to enable unknown sources on your device, do so. Once the application is installed, open the application drawer screen and tap the application icon to launch it. Give the required storage permission when prompted, then the theme park home page will be welcomed.

Tap on theDesign a new theme& # 39; button. Now you have to select a wallpaper for your new theme. Once you have selected it, Samsung Theme Park will automatically offer color options based on the dominant colors of the wallpaper. Choose the color you want and tap 'modes"The app will give you about 7 groups of different color combinations to personalize them.

color and styles of theme parks

Tap the color combination you prefer, then press the buttonThe iconsClick the 'button, and then select a color to display as the background of the applications icon. That's it! Now, tap on theto save'Icon and give him a name.

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theme park save theme samsung

Your newly created theme will be saved in your theme gallery. To apply your theme, open Settings> Wallpaper & Themes> Themes, select the theme and press the buttonApply& # 39; button. Enjoy your own theme and do not forget to also view these top themes from the Samsung One UI.

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