Top 3 Ways to Save Tabs Before Closing Chrome and How to Restore Lost Tabs

Top 3 Ways to Save Tabs Before Closing Chrome and How to Restore Lost Tabs

The best thing about the mobile version of Chrome is that you can keep tabs open there for several days without worrying about deleting them, unless you close the tab manually. Even updating the phone will not kill open tabs. It’s not the same for Chrome on the desktop. He is likely to lose tabs. So in this post we will share the ways to back up your tabs before closing Chrome and how to restore the tabs if you lose them.

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An automatic Windows update is enough to make you scream. Sometimes even restarting or accidentally closing the Chrome browser will kill your open tabs on the PC. So frustrating. Argh !!! Fortunately, you can recover these tabs.

Let’s see different ways to save tabs when closing Chrome so you don’t lose them when you exit.

How to save tabs when closing Chrome

Here are three methods to prevent Chrome tabs from being killed on PC when you close the browser, or accidentally quitting it.

1. Use the built-in feature of Chrome to automatically reopen tabs

Google Chrome comes with native functionality to automatically open the last used tabs. Present in the startup settings of Chrome, you must activate the setting “Continue where you left off”. Note that this will only work for the first time when you open Chrome again. In addition, if you have already lost tabs, activating this setting cannot save them. However, keep it activated so that you don’t experience the same trauma again.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Chrome settings by clicking the three-dot icon at the top.

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2nd step: Scroll down in Settings and you will come to the On startup section. Check the box next to Continue where you left off.

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Now, every time you reopen Chrome, your last open tabs open automatically.

2. Bookmark all tabs

We all know how to bookmark a single tab. But what about bookmarking multiple tabs? The same concept can be used to save your tabs for later use if you don’t trust the functionality above. The downside is that you will have to do it manually.

To bookmark all open tabs, right-click the top strip of tabs. Choose Bookmark all open tabs from the menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + D (Windows) or Command + Shift + D (macOS) to bookmark all open tabs.

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To organize bookmarks effectively, give the folder an easily identifiable name such as its purpose, type or date. Click save.

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Keep the folder in the Favorites bar for quick access. Later, when you want to open all tabs, right-click the folder and choose Open All Tabs. If you accidentally delete bookmarks for a while, find out how to get them back.

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3. Use third-party extensions

If you are comfortable with Chrome extensions, they will save your selected open tabs very well for later use. Some extensions even allow you to record your entire session. These extensions save your tabs not only for a restart or crash, but also for you to manually delete them. Some of the extensions are Workona, Toby, etc. We suggest you try Workona because it automatically saves sessions, and you can recover several previous sessions with it.

How to recover lost Chrome tabs

If you lose Chrome tabs due to sudden browser crash, the following three tips will help you restore them.

1. Check the list of recently closed tabs

If you don’t want tabs to open automatically but want to restore them, another native Chrome feature might help. This method will help you restore Google Chrome tabs after a restart, shutdown or even crash.

Generally, you should see the Restore Tabs button when your Chrome freezes. In case you don’t see it, don’t worry. Click the three dots icon at the top in Chrome and hover your mouse over the History option. Here you will see options that say 2 tabs or 4 tabs or something similar – indicating the number of tabs opened in the previous session. Click on the session you want to restore.

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Pro tip: Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + T (Windows) or Command + Shift + T (macOS) to restore the last closed tabs. Keep pressing until you run out of tabs to recover. Check out other useful Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

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2. Check the history of Chrome

If Chrome doesn’t show you the list of recently opened tabs, you’ll need to check your history.

Now the problem is that history doesn’t separate your last open tabs from browsing history. So you have to work hard and browse your history to get the open tabs. Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + H (Windows) or Command + H (macOS) to open the history in Chrome.

Pro tip: Use history search to find your tabs.

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When you find your links, click on them to open them. This will open the link in the same tab, causing you to lose your position in the history. But if you don’t want to lose your position in the history, right-click the link and select Open in a new tab. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + click (Windows) or Command + click (macOS) to open links in a new tab.

3. Check from a mobile

If you signed in with a Google account in Chrome and turned on Chrome syncing, you may be able to recover your lost tabs.

Open Chrome on Android or iOS. Make sure you’re using the same email account that you saved on Chrome on PC. Tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Recent Tabs. Here is a list of tabs open on other devices. Check your PC. Open the tabs on your mobile and use the Send to device function to send them to your computer.

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Save the tabs before closing the chrome 9

All is not lost

Losing all the tabs, especially if you have a lot of them, can irritate anyone. We hope we were able to help you recover your lost tabs and save your tabs so you don’t lose them in the future. Do you know another method to save tabs? Let us know in the comments below.


Keep your tabs separate from different Chrome users. Curious how to do this? Use the functionality of Chrome profiles. From the following link, find out what Chrome profiles are and how to use them.

Last updated on June 29, 2020

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