Top 5 Meme Apps for Android to Add Fun into Your Life

Top 5 Meme Apps for Android to Add Fun into Your Life
Among the things that become viral online, fun things show remarkable consistency. Now, this is not a deeper comment on humanity's growing desire to find the least thing for which to feel momentarily happy. This is however a list of the best meme generator apps for Android available on the Google Play Store. Everyone needs fun memories (whatever their pronunciation) and these apps can help you spread them.

1. Reddit Memes

Now, Reddit is not necessarily a website or a generator application of the same. But there is probably nothing that is not subject to subreddit. And that includes fun things like jokes or memes. So, if you wish, it can be an excellent application for you. There is a variety of related subreddits that you can follow. Plus, once you're motivated to search for fun memes, Reddit has a lot to offer you. Some of the most followed and hilarious subreddits in search of the same are Memes the original, Dankmemes, HistoireMèmesetc.

You will also find many things that you may not like, so walk carefully. The official Reddit app also offers many alternatives with more features, better customization options, and more.

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2. 9GAG Meme Creator

9GAG same app

Like Reddit, 9GAG is a website with an Android app that is not just dedicated to the same. But 9GAG is dedicated to humor in the form of fun photos, GIFs, and I like, including memes. The application is quite easy to use and you can simply browse to find funny memes. Although the free version of the application includes unpleasant commercials.

Once you have learned to ignore them or get used to them, the problem is not so bad. However, if it bothers you and you do not want to delete the app, you can still pay for an ad-free experience. It's really one of the best meme generation apps for Android and you should not miss it.

3. GIPHY Meme Generator

GIPHY: application of animated memes

GIPHY is a very popular site for finding and sharing fun GIFs online. Its integration into popular email applications such as Facebook Messenger has made it even more popular. Among the other types of fun GIFs, GIPHY also hosts a large number of GIF memes. If you want something better than a static one, it's an animated meme and that's what makes GIPHY one of the best apps on Android.

The MEMBRANE APPLICATION allows you to directly share GIF files with popular services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as send them directly by email, tweet them on Twitter or post them on Facebook.

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4. Creator same

Meme Creator app

As its name indicates, the Meme Creator app allows you to create your own memes. To simplify things, it contains a whole catalog of images commonly used in memes and shows them directly. Once you have found the perfect image, tap on it and enter the text to appear at the top and bottom.

You are allowed to change the size and color of the text, as well as to determine if it should be capitalized. You can even add a photo from your device if you prefer to have a more personal meme.

5. Free meme generator

Meme Generator app

Even Generator Free looks a lot like Meme Creator, except that it seems more polite. Not that this is one of the most beautifully designed apps, but by comparison, it's the best of both. It also presents you a stream of photos even. Although the application divides them into four tabs or categories: All, New, Popular, and Prefer. This facilitates navigation in the gallery. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the search function.

It also allows you to change the default view. Regarding the creator part of the application, once you have selected a photo, you can add text, stickers, filters, and so on. You can choose from many stickers. You can even change the size, color, etc. of the border. And yes, you can also use photos stored in your device's memory.

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