Top 7 Ways to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Windows 10 or 11 PC

Top 7 Ways to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Windows 10 or 11 PC

Apple continues to support its Windows devices with iTunes, iCloud passwords, and other services. The problem occurs when iPhone fails to connect to Windows 10 or 11 PC unexpectedly. Fortunately, there is a peaceful way to solve it.

I Phone does not connect to Windows

Apple retired iTunes on Mac. But it remains the main software for transferring data and performing regular backups. IPhone not connecting to Windows 10 or 11 PC can leave you with the tedious experience of iCloud to transfer media and backups.

If you encounter random connection failure while backing up iPhone or transferring data to Windows PC, it’s time to fix the behavior once and for all.

1. Check the data cable

The default iPhone cable is infamous for its inferior quality. If you have a slightly damaged cable, it may disrupt the PC connection.

Check the data cable

Check the data cable

Check both sides of the cable and inspect carefully. If you notice any cuts, try a different cable. For best results, use only Apple Certified cables.

2. Check the port

If your Windows laptop or PC has a bad port, it will not allow iPhone or other devices to connect to the computer.

Most Windows 10 or 11 machines have multiple ports. Try another port and if you have a Type-C to Lightning cable, try that as well.

Check the laptop port

Check the laptop port

Those who use Windows laptops with Type-C ports only can use a different adapter to connect the iPhone to the computer.

3. Unlock iPhone

For security reasons, Apple asks you to confirm your identity with a password as soon as you plug an iPhone into a computer.

Unlock iPhone with password and when iOS asks you to trust computer say yes.

It won’t ask for Face ID or Touch ID authentication. Instead, you need to add a password for a successful login.

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4. Update iTunes

Apple regularly updates the iTunes app on Windows 10 or 11 to improve its reliability and stability. However, the software is known to have issues and not the best user experience in the world.

Since the company distributes the app through the Microsoft Store, it’s pretty easy to update it to the latest version available.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Store in Windows.

2nd step: Click on the Library menu in the lower left corner.

Go to the library menu

Go to the library menu

Step 3: Click Get Updates and update iTunes.

Get Updates

Get Updates

The screenshots refer to the latest Microsoft Store on Windows 11. Those on Windows 10 will receive the store redesign in the coming months as an update.

5. Repair iTunes

Even after updating iTunes, if it doesn’t work as expected, you need to fix the app from the Settings app.

Windows offers a built-in repair tool that helps you fix an application if it is not working properly. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Windows computer. (Use Windows + I keys).

2nd step: Go to the Applications menu and find iTunes in the list.

Go to advanced options

Go to advanced options

Step 3: Go to the Advanced option in the More menu.

Step 4: Scroll down and use the Repair button in the Reset menu.

Repair i Tunes

Repair i Tunes

Let Windows fix the problem and try to connect iPhone to Windows computer again.

6. Update the drivers

Windows already comes with the correct drivers for you to connect iPhone to the computer. If you have connection issues, you can update the iPhone drivers from the Device Manager menu. Here’s how.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Device Manager.

2nd step: Scroll down to Portable devices.

Portable devices

Portable devices

Step 3: Expand the menu and find Apple iPhone in the list.

Step 4: Right click on it and select Update Drivers.

Update iphone driver

Update iphone driver

Restart the Windows 10 or 11 computer and try to connect the iPhone again.

7. Update Windows

Updating Windows to the latest version is always a good idea whenever you have small issues like iPhone failure to connect to Windows 10 or 11 computers.

If your computer is compatible with Windows 11, you can update to the latest new operating system from Microsoft. Those stuck with Windows 10 can download a small firmware because Microsoft has promised to keep it up to date until 2025.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on Windows (use Windows + I keys).

Update windows

Update windows

2nd step: Go to System> Windows Update and update the operating system to the latest version.

Establish Successful iPhone Connection to PC

IPhone not connecting to Windows 10 or 11 PC may give you cloud storage options to back up and transfer data. It takes time and is not a workable solution for most. The above steps should fix the problem for you. If nothing works, consider a factory reset on iPhone.

Last updated Sep 15, 2021

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