Trick or Treat: 11 Social Media Tricks You May Not Know

Many of your favorite social media networks have fun “hacks” that have flown under the radar of the average user. With Halloween approaching, we figured we’d treat you to eleven of our favorite social media tricks:

1. Snapcodes on Snapchat: Your Snapchat code is a personalized QR code you can find by swiping down when Snapchat is on camera mode (look for the ghost). New friends can add you as a friend by taking a photo or screenshot of your snapcode. You can also click on the code and add a selfie to personalize even further.

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2. Snapchat “Add Nearby:”
Snapchat quietly released an “add nearby” feature during the summer while everyone was freaking out about “tap to view.” If you’re at a party or large gathering, you can ask everyone to turn on “add nearby,” which is under the “add friends” tab. You can “mass add” new acquaintances without having to type everyone’s usernames or snap their codes.add nearby

3. Trick out your Snapchat with double filters or different colors: Another “hack” is adding two filters to your photos. Take your photo, add a filter by swiping right, then use one finger to hold down on the image while you continue swiping right to add the second filter. If you’re confused, TechInsider has the step-by-step guide.  Another little known fact is that black and white crayons are available on Snapchat. Just slide your finger all the way down on the color spectrum to get black, and all the way left to get white. As long as you start with your finger on the right hand color spectrum, you can make a handful of lighter and darker colors by dragging your finger around the screen.

4. Hashtagging Emoji on Instagram
: As of this summer, you can hashtag emoji on your Instagram photos. When words just aren’t enough, emojis add character, plus another way to search and find your images.halloween instagram

5. Sort your Instagram Filters: You can change the order that your filters appear on Instagram. If you have a favorite filter that you want to have appear first, go to “manage” at the end of the selections and simply drag your favorites to the top!

6. Video Profile on Facebook: Did you know you can have a GIF-like profile image on Facebook mobile now?  This is a creative way to stand out among your peers, and is as simple as snapping or uploading a short video on your phone. TechCrunch has the details.

7. Replies on Twitter: I was just talking to my Didit colleagues about this one. When you have a Twitter conversation and place the username at the beginning of your tweet, the tweet gets banished to “tweets and replies,” and no one will see it. If you want the tweet to be visible on your home screen (i.e. you want the world to see your conversation), place at least one character in front of the username. My character of preference is a period.

8. Personalize Your Tumblr Mobile Profile: I wrote about this a while ago, but I’m still seeing plain and ugly mobile sites. It’s really easy to customize your mobile profile, and I have laid out the steps right here!

tumblr mobile settings

9. Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Messenger: This trick is as old as the hills (but I recently taught it to my mom so I thought I’d throw it on here). If you ever get unwanted Facebook messages whenever said person sees that you’re online, you can choose to hide your “online” status from them. If you’re like me, your default is “hidden” except for a few choice people. No more pressure to answer and people saying “I know you’re there…”

10. Make a Secret Pinterest Board: This one came through in the clutch here at Didit when planning our secret Halloween costumes. If you have an embarrassing guilty pleasure Pinterest board, or are planning a surprise party, etc., you can hide your Pinterest board using “edit.” If you want to share with select people, add them as collaborators.

secret pinterest

11. Make a Resume Using LinkedIn: If you’re looking for a quick, clean resume generator, you can use LinkedIn! Just make sure your profile is optimized and up-to –date before you start.

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