Twitter App for Android receives the ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode

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After months of testing phase on alpha versions, the Twitter app for Android has finally received the Dark Lights Out mode. If you wonder if Twitter already had a dark mode and there was again this time. Well, the app actually had a dark mode, but it was more about the lines of a dark blue hue. It did not bring total justice, especially with AMOLED screens. Now, Twitter has released a user-friendly AMOLED dark mode that it calls the Curfew fashion.

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This time, the application becomes completely black, similar to what you get on Instagram. This feature has now reached the stable version and is now available for download on the Play Store. Let's take a look at the steps to activate the Lights Off mode in the Twitter application.

Enable Twitter's "Lights Out" dark mode

Make sure to download and install the latest version of the application. The Lights Out is available on Twitter version 8.18.0. Once installed, follow the steps below to enable Twitter's dark mode.

    1. Go to the Twitter app and tap your avatar. You can also swipe from the left to open the menu.
    2. In the bottom left you will see the Curfew icon. Just tap on it and dark mode will now be activated on the app.
    3. To further customize this option, go to Settings and privacy.dark mode settings
    4. Then go to Display and sound and press Dark mode. From there, you enable or disable the feature or you define it Activated automatically at sunset.
    5. Plus, you can change the look of Twitter's dark mode. Just tap on this option and choose from the previously available options. Low option or just out Curfew.
      appearances in dark mode

So these are the steps to activate Twitter's Lights Out mode on Twitter. After seeing the Dark Mode feature appear on Gmail, Play Store, Google App and many others, the wait was worth it. In addition, they deployed this update quite simply, without playing the famous server-side update game. Hopefully other apps, such as WhatsApp, will join this move quickly.

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