Using SEO To Convert Web Traffic Into Leads

Using SEO To Convert Web Traffic Into Leads

Many marketers focus all of their energy on making sure they rank well in the search engines and don’t think about converting visitors into quality leads. As a result, you have a lot of visitors to the web, but you get no value from it.

Fortunately, there are a few additions you can add to your SEO strategy to make sure you get the most conversions from your web visitors. Any competent SEO agency in Los Angeles can advise you of the need for these additions as they tend to narrow the gap between SEO and an increase in KING.

Design SEO with the right intention


Before you start creating SEO, you should consider the goals and objectives of the SEO strategy you are using. Focusing on attracting more traffic is a good goal, but it’s not useful if you don’t create good, actionable plans to help convert traffic into buyers.

Adapt to keywords that can lead to more conversions

According to Growandconvert, websites that generate a lot of traffic rarely have the highest volume of conversions. Many people who ask common questions are just looking for information and have no intention of buying. For example, if a person is looking for shoes, they are probably window shopping and will not buy any products from websites that appear on their website. SERP.

However, when a person is looking for Adidas sports shoes for women, they may already have money in their pocket. If you want to convert more traffic, you need to focus more on those keywords which are not very popular but can convert to the maximum. Another advantage of doing this is that these keywords have less competition than the main keywords; so you can rank higher on search engines.

Review previous content

You need to check if your content is delivering value to your customers and see if it addresses their issues. If not, it’s high time to fix it, and you might be surprised at the kind of effect such a small change can create.

Understand the buying journey and try to make it easier for your visitors


Nowadays, salespeople are less likely to influence customer decisions because they barely interact with the consumer. Gartner reports that when a person wants to buy something, they only spend about 17% of the buying time with potential suppliers. For most of the buying journey time, the buyer searches for the product online or offline.

Now an SEO expert can take advantage of this by making sure the buyer’s journey is smooth. The best way to do this is to provide useful information so that the customer knows what to confirm before purchasing a product. Once you’ve done that, the customer is more likely to complete the buying journey and convert to a loyal customer.

Have gifts


You can have freebies to encourage consumers to give you their emails. For example, you can offer free trials and free product demos to customers who want to sign up. This encourages the customer to sign up, which brings you closer to converting to a buyer.

If you can’t demonstrate, consider hosting webinars or having a PDF that solves most of your customers’ issues. If you have webinars or PDFs, make sure they offer value because you want to send the right message to your target consumers. Engage in in-depth research, uncover your target customer’s weak spots, and resolve them thoroughly.

Feed the lead


Even after you get leads, you need to nurture those leads so that they can eventually convert into customers. Don’t be too pushy, as a lot of people hate this and might lose interest in you soon.

Newsletter Sign-Up

To implement them, Mark de DigitaWise tells us that you need to have a functioning blog with interesting and engaging content for your consumers. Naturally, consumers will want to receive updates from you and you should encourage them to sign up for newsletters. As you keep these consumers up to date with your latest content, sometimes (not always) you can get them to buy from you, and over time you may find that some convert to become buyers.

Email segmentation

One of the best ways to nurture leads is through email. A tactic that turns out to be very effective in nurturing prospects via email is segmentation of emails. Email segmentation is when you divide your subscribers into smaller categories based on certain defined criteria.

These criteria can be their location, interests, purchase history, and more. By using segmentation, you can tailor your posts based on the criteria you use to try to convert them to consumers.



Never forget to have a CTA (Call to Action) strategically placed in your newsletters and emails. Don’t be too pushy because your messages may end up in the spam folder. Get creative and make it subtle, and eventually the consumer can answer the call.

Optimize your landing page


When people click on your ads or email links, they’ll likely land on your landing page. You need to optimize the landing page to make sure it converts to the maximum. The first thing to express on your landing page is what you are selling in a concise manner. When target customers land on your landing page, make sure they can know what you’re selling directly.

You can have a background image relating to what you are selling. It serves as a visual element that helps grab the attention of your customers. Also, don’t forget to put social proof that identifies you as a mark of trust. You can set up statistics or reviews from Amazon or Yelp.

Finally, insert a call to action at the end of the landing page. Remember, the landing page should be the page with the most conversions, so if it isn’t converting customers, be sure to optimize it.

At the end of the line

If your web traffic isn’t converting, all of your SEO efforts are wasted. As you develop an SEO strategy, consider turning your traffic into leads to benefit more from SEO.

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