Best Free Virtual Background images for Teams and Zoom

Recently, online video conferencing has become very important. Especially in the era of the pandemic where locks have become common, most office workers have to work from home. However, working from home has its own disadvantages, the most important being the lack of professional configuration. If your job involves video conferencing and you’re looking for […]

How to explore and download Google Earth images as Wallpapers for your computer

The Google Earth blog published 1000 of the most spectacular landscapes captured in Google Earth. The images have been added to Google Earth View. According to Google, the collection now has 2,500 striking landscapes. Apart from that, the photos have been optimized to support the higher resolution, such as 4K. Here is the view of […]

Top 9 Samsung Themes Tips and Tricks to Use It Like a Pro

Personalization is the essence of an Android phone. You can change the launcher and you can also apply themes. This will change and add to the overall appearance of your phone when the screen is on. Previously, you had to use third-party apps to change the theme. Now the same functionality is provided on many […]

Download Samsung Galaxy M31 Wallpapers

After merging the Galaxy C and J series of devices into the A series, Samsung released the Galaxy M series. Since then, it has been a huge success among Sammy fans in the budget segment. I always thought that the M series was a premium version of the J series. That said, Samsung is preparing […]

Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Wallpapers

The touch screen tiles become so boring that the flaps resume their activities. That said, we’ve all seen the Moto Razr restarted for 2020 and congratulations to Motorola for the start-up and warm-up. However, this device did not seem to me so attractive, especially because of its specifications and its price. Just as I felt, […]

Download Galaxy S20 Wallpapers [8 Wallpapers] [4K+]

Samsung finally unveiled its new Galaxy S20 range in San Fransico a few days ago. The range includes the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 Plus and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. These devices have many differences, not just the screen size, unlike previous generations of Samsung’s flagship siblings. For example, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has […]

Download LG Q7 Stock Wallpapers

The LG Q7 was unveiled in August 2019. The LG Q7 is a mid-range device from the famous Korean electronics company. That said, today we have 16 Wallpapers LG Q7 in Full HD + quality. The aspect ratio is 18: 9. The LG Q7 is waterproof and dustproof IP68 and has the certification MIL-STD 810G […]

Download Oppo F15 Stock Wallpapers

The famous smartphone manufacturer Oppo has just unveiled the mid-range smartphone Oppo F15. The Oppo F15 is powered by a MediaTek chipset. Speaking of which, now we have 4 Oppo F15 wallpapers for all of you in 1080 x 2400 px resolution. The aspect ratio of the wallpapers is 20: 9. The Oppo F15 contains […]

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